20 April 2009

Don Pullen - Plays Monk

vinyl rip, 320 mp3, Paddewheel

Number 4 from I Forgot Clifford. I think this one scored mostly on rarity and I would not have predicted top 10. There is a curiosity factor here to see how DP would interpret some of Monk's most loved tunes. Pullen has a very solid following based on many strong discs with Mingus, Adams/Pullen 4tet and other solo discs. He is a great example of one of the defining ideals for a musician, you know it is him playing almost immediately.

Don Pullen - solo piano

1. Well You Needn't (Monk) 5:18
2. Round Midnight (Monk) 8:09
3. Monkin' Around (Pullen) 9:41
4. Trinkle Tinkle (Monk) 6:13
5. Gratitude (Pullen) 5:39
6. In Walked Bud (Monk) 5:51

NYC 1984



Leonardo said...

Crazy! Thanks...

joe pierre said...

Wonderful. I've been hoping to hear this for years... Thanks!

Now how about the DP 'Solo Album'?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, never heard this one before--always very rare!!

Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to do some deep listening, and it sounds like this vinyl rip is in mono(?). Which is strange for a 1984 studio recording indeed. But i trust it was a good rip of the lp the way it was. Has anybody out there even seen the cd? Is the cd mono sounding too?

pablo said...

Here is the rip

Vinyl 33 rpm, Well Tempered Turntable, Dynavector XX2 moving coil cartridge, Blue Circle 709 phono preamp, Blue Circle 3000 preamp, through Edirol UA-25, Audition 3 L and R channel recorded separately at 16.44 wav, mixed down to a stereo wav file, converted to 320 mp3.

Peter said...

Thankyouverymuch-this is fabulous!!! The best Monk tribute that I have ever heard.

seliM said...

thanks for this wonderful pullen album.
may i use this post to add on to MONK blog?



Anonymous said...

Only just discovered this blog but will definitely be visiting often. Been looking for this album for ages. Thank you so much for all your help in promoting good music, it doesn't go unnoticed.

Sam said...

Thanks for the post. I saw George Adams/Don Pullen quartet in 1987, and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

duck said...

Pullen and Monk, what a great pair. thanks again