15 May 2007


HI heres another slab, of intense 'incense fueled free jazz/rock fusion.
this was reissued by f.m.r records a few years ago.
but now seems to have slipped out of the catalog
there may be a few copies of the cd floating 'round the aether,

boromir'said '''Here's John Surman's "Morning Glory" from 1973

John Surman: soprano sax, bass clarinetJohn Taylor: keyboardsTerje Rypdal: guitarJohn Marshall: drumsChris Laurence: bassMalcolm Griffiths: trombone
Tracklist Cloudless Sky2 Iron ManSide 21 Norwegian Steel - Septimus2 Hinc Illae Lacrimae - For Us All (Hence Thes Tears) Viny ripped at 192 kbps

The group, which was short-lived (this their only recording together) went under the name of Morning Glory (which I think is a yellow flower that is short-lived and sheds it's petals by mid-day, but it does grow more flower the next day). So this is perhaps why they called themselves Morning Glory. I digress, but many, many years ago, before my time even, there was a music hall performer called Nosmo King, who apparently got the inspiration for his stage name from the No Smoking notices around the theatre.

Anyway, back to the record. We are all probably familiar with Surman, Taylor and Rypdal, all of whom are still enjoying illustrious careers, making records for ECM. John Marshall I believe is still drumming with a Soft Machine legacy band, and occasionally with John Surman. Sadly I have not heard of Malcolm Griffiths for many years. During the 70s, it seemed to be a case in British jazz, if you want a trombone - send for Malcolm. Chris Laurence is also still playing and recently released his first recording as leader at the age of 60.

just a brief coda to boromir's message- morning glory seeds ,have the reputation of being a hallucinogen.

heres the list of available f.m.r releases

ALSO find the earlier classic surman,phillips and stu martins the trio here in the recesses of the archive with some refreshed links in the comments


glmlr said...

For those with an eye for detail, I believe the actual recording date for this set was 12 March 1973.

Art Simon said...

I put up the Future Music CD release over at my new blog http://postmiles.blogspot.com/

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

This download is THEFT!! I own the copyright on this album and am hoping to have it commercially released - that way the musicians involved might just manage to
make a few pounds in these difficult times.
Please DO NOT ABUSE OUR RIGHTS AS MUSICIANS - have some respect for our hard work and creativity.
Thanks for your understanding

Thelema said...

@ John Surman: I understand this, but, hey: I've been waiting for the release as CD for over 15 years! (I already have it as vinyl ... :D; great album!!!) Hope it will be released soon. I think, we all prefer the real stuff.

kinabalu said...

For the record: I doubt whether this comment is genuine. The Island lp has been rereleased on cd - on the FMR label, but the last time I checked, it was out of print. If this comment had been genuine, that would have been common knowledge (certainly known to Surman). Second-hand copies of the lp, either on Island or on Antilles abroad are occasiionally seen online on Ebay, Gemm etc. In fact, I might consider getting a copy myself.

Anonymous said...

The above statement by John Surman is actually true.
It may be currently out-of-print but John bought the rights to the master tapes back, so it is prerogative to release the album when and how he chooses. If you really need verification of this, you could contact john at johnsurman.com
He knows full well that it is currently out-of-print, which is why he has bought the masters and is hoping to re-release it at some time in the future.

kinabalu said...

I may have to take your word for it, then, but in the virtual world you never really know for sure.

miloo2 said...

In fact, Morning Glory CD is still in FMR sale offer (http://www.fmr-records.com/fmrsale.asp) for 3 pounds only, as well as Surman's Westering Home (6 pounds). I bought Morning Glory about 2 years ago, together with a bunch of other cheap FMR titles and now checked situation as i was thinking about posting Westering Home vinyl rip.

claudE said...

Can this be re-up from the past? Nice!

kinabalu said...


this was rereleased last year, so we are not at liberty to post it here (see above posts on this thread).