17 March 2007

surman, phillips,martin 'the trio' 1970

hi all heres a marvelous 2 lp set by famed and revered early 70's freejazz legends the trio. in the late sixties master american bassist barre phillips relocated to europe settling on britain initially(he now lives in france) phillips had made a name in free jazz circles playing with the likes of archie shepp(he appears on the shepp double lp, further fire music),and the maverick composer,clarinetist jimmy guiffre's 1965-66 trio .
phillips was the 1st bassist to record an entirely solo album in 1968,at around that time he also
played and recorded with the spontaneous music ensemble, barry guy's jazz composers orchestra and many others he continues to record sporadicaly.
john surman the best known of these 3 has an extensive catalog of recordings to his credit including many on the ecm lable.
stu martin was a friend (and american compatriot)of phillips who died quite young.
to my knowledge he played with paul bley, and appears on other recordings by barre phillips.
he'd grown up in the bronx and been a close friend of barry altschul's, another fine drummer.
to my knowledge this masterpiece has only been sporadically available.
there was a reissue on cd in the early 90's , but thats gone.
thanks for this rip boromir.
heres a postscript in the form of an email exerpt
I've uploaded the two Surman discs. Here are the links:- Disk 1 - http://rapidshare.com/files/21480178/Trio1.rar.html-Scans are attached. Rapidshare ground to a halt when I was trying to upload the second disk. If you think they ought both to be on the same host, let me know and I'll try again. The records have no inter-track gaps, one tune runs into another so I've not attempted to split them, so it's one mp3 file per album side.I'm happy for you you to post them to your blog. I am not particularly looking for credit, you can mention my moniker or not, as you wish. I'm just happy that someone else has the opportunity to enjoy otherwise forgotten music.
Incidentally, we lost the cricket (to NZ) and lost at rugby to Wales today ! Not a good day.


centrifuge said...

hi dipmong,

man, you've got very prolific with your words recently :) clearly an inspired man... you might like to put the odd paragraph in here and there to break up the text a bit! easier on the eye/less intimidating. what you have to say is usually very interesting and it would be a shame if people were put off reading it because of the "presentation". actually maybe this is just me being a lazy fucker and a hypocrite... i tend to rattle on myself but am not particulary tolerant of loquaciousness in others {blush}

i like your art work too man. i don't know if you read that comment i made weeks ago now in the church, asking you if you dig joe coleman..?

or, y'know, artaud... or austin osman spare...

anyway, the trio, thanks for this! thanks to boromir also. speaking as someone relatively young (36) who's only been into jazz for a few years, it's fairly amazing to think that john surman was ever involved in a project as interesting as this one (though to be fair i did know that he'd worked with alan skidmore and mike osborne also). stu martin fits in really well with phillips - the scene lost a real talent there :(

the album actually reminds me a lot of the mount everest trio - but of course this is earlier. same sort of mad joyous spirit to it though. maybe the mount everest guys were inspired by them..? who knows.

btw i ran the sides through audacity and broke them up into individual trax, so if anyone wants to know i can supply dead-on accurate index times for the rip. (as always boromir's record player is running slow so the times don't match the ones published on amg)

probably no-one apart from you will ever read this comment but i just thought i'd mention it ;-)

Curved Air said...

rats rats rats! i downloaded the first part of this on Friday and waited all weekend for MediaShare to sort their problems out, then come back and the file is no longer good!

any chance of a reshare? please oh pretty please!!!

btw, love the site. you may try divshare as a host. i've switched to it over at curved-air.com and its been more stable and without problems/restrictions.

anyway, keep the nice shares coming. (on knees waiting for pt. 2) :)

Boromir said...

Curved Air,

Part 2 reloaded, link:-


Curved Air said...

thx so much. ima post Michel Portal's "alors" later today. its got Surmon on it. its my thx to you

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this great recording.Unfortunately Part 1 has been bounced off Rapidshare :-(

Boromir said...

Part 1 now reposted.


Frédito said...

Fantastic ! Thanks Boromir and everyone involved. Ain't nothing like the lp sound for this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping these available -- both in general and in re-upping the links. Recently became interested in Surman's playing and bought (yes, bought) a mass of current albums, but much of his older material is unavailable. Very happy to hear this.

Tantris said...

Hi -- any chance of uploading again the first part of this LP - the rapidshare link seems to have died.

-- Thanks, Tantris

Anonymous said...

Very interesting site. Thanks a lot for this "early Surman": an incredible dive in my past!

1009 said...

Here I am!

A little late with the "thanks," but here it is. Just found this, actually, after getting curious re: Surman subsequent to picking up the *How Many Clouds...?* reissue. Looking forward!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.
But the link for disk 1 doesn´t work...
Please check it, I am burning to hear that...

Peter Cherches said...

FYI, Part 1 now gets a file not found message. Part 2 is still active.

zubbid said...

Thanks for this - I've know this group by reputation and always wanted to hear what they sounded like.

I'm presently downloading both parts, the first courtesy of the Rapidshare link as posted in Boromir's May 2007 comment above, and everything seems like it's working okay.

I've also grabbed the 'Gottingen' set posted elsewhere on these pages, and owe you some thanks for that one as well.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this one...

JazzHound said...

I've GREATLY appreciated the other Surman uploads. An amazing player who I was not as fully aware of (dug the work paired w/McLaughlin, mostly), so a real treat to my ears. What a player! Any chance you can reup this one? Thanks again!!!!