14 May 2007

charles lloyd- live in the ussr 1969

HI heres another of boromirs rips, a great one by charles lloyd, with perhaps more than a whiff of incense about it, this may well be disdained, by free jazz fans, true its not strictly free jazz, but its a hard swinging record flavored by near eastern, and indian influences.
a great band, with keith jarrett, on fire ,playing
as ive never heard him before, lots of cluster chording, and passages that evoke early cecil taylor.
the line up is
charles lloyd -tenor sax, flute
keith jarrett- piano
and the fantastically inventive ron mclure-db and jack dejohnette -drums
this has also been posted in the comments of the wonderful' huppes et hyalites' blog
which has a kick ass lloyd concert of more recent vintage.
enough to convince any but the most egotistical free jazz snob.
link (ripped at 220kbs )
be sure to grab the live concert put up by H AND H here
give it a go, its great stuff

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H&H said...

Hi Dipmong !
I'm glad to see that you gave this rarity from Boromir's vault the room it deserves. There is quite a buzz about this record among my parisian friends. Yes Jarrett has some wild moments, very nice.


H&H, aka chaamba