6 April 2007

paul bley septet-live in hamburg 29/10/65

hello again
this time a vintage concert by the paul bley septet,comprised it appears of an ad hock grouping of members ,of the jazz composers orchestra while the orchestra was on a european tour.
this one goes out to boromir
most of the material is by either carla bley or michael mantler.
this was either a radio broadcast or a good audience recording, no info at all on the net, at least not that i can find.
only about half the tracks feature the extended ensemble.
the track list is/ 1)touching, 2)cartoon, 3)both 4)walking batterie woman, 5)communication 6)slow dance 7)closer (fades out)
heres the incredible line-up
steve lacy-soprano sax, mike mantler-tpt, prince lasha-tenor ,flute and bs cl !! paul bley-pno
heinz koller-tenor sax, kent carter-db, barry altschul-dr
some fantastic treatments of staples from bleys regular set list at the time, in pretty decent sound, from the same vintage as the classic esp sessions and probably one of the greatest free jazz albums in piano trio format'touching' from the same year.
the sound is of course not up to par with those albums, but well worth having and well, its not often you get to hear prince lasha in the same band as bley and lacy! never in fact.
ripped @220
we are looking into the availability of 'touching' from 1965 which seems pretty scarse,though it has had at least 1 cd re release.
if anyone can shed light on the availability of touching any info would be much appreciated
that truly magnificent defining moment deserves to be heard.
in the meantime grab, live in hamburg here.


Curved Air said...

wow. most excellent share! thx

Anonymous said...

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Flux'us said...


As I said in my introduction. I'm here to add diversity! This means offering a wider choice of music, not changing and limiting it too another genre!! Perhaps I should have used monosyllabic words as you do not seem too have grasped this principle?
There will be many visitors to this blog who dislike the Double Leopards as much as you appear to dislike Free Jazz, but out of common courtesy: they would not advise the blog owner too retire himself, as eloquently as you have put it!
So whilst I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time too leave your comments,
They in no way encourage myself, Dipmong or Boromir too expend much of our free time in providing & sharing our albums!!!
We do this out of our passion for music & in the hope of generating a community of like minded people; where the spirit for open debate is encouraged?
So too summarise; constructive criticism is always welcome, however facetious or disingenuous comments we can all do without!

Boromir said...

What I can't understand is why the anonymous individual above took the time to look at this site and even download it's contents. From his excellent command of the English language I can tell he's an academic. Why then does he not just practice a little tolerance, and accept that people have differing choices.

Many thanks to dipmong for this great post. It's a real rarity.

Anonymous said...

great....for info go here

Anonymous said...

it was a NDR radio broadcast...


centrifuge said...

that's the same guy who attacked dipmong in the church. hopefully he will understand that none of us want to hear that sort of negative nonsense.

dipmong - cheers, keep it up :))

dipmong said...

hi all thanks for the positive response, centrifuge thanks for the chin up.
anon thanks for the info

centrifuge said...

these files are behaving starnegly on my computer :-S

i rename them and they re-rename themselves when i'm not looking. all except the first one. don't remember ever seing that before..!

also: "walking batteriewoman" is track five not four... i recognise it - don preston, friend of the bleys when they were married, performs this medley on his transformation album)

y'know, as if anyone apart from me gives a fuck ;-)

Anonymous said...

can someone reup this one?
Thank you