8 April 2007

don cherry trio+ guests ,live in copenhagen 2/10/1970

hi all ,
firstly a warm welcome to a new,(semi regular,we hope!)
team member, flux'us, who also helps out at the great blog church#9.

on to some music
heres another wonderful, live concert i got in a trade with friends .

don cherry live in copenhagen in 1970, one of many cherry bootlegs floating around from what was a very prolific if under documented period(officialy at least)for him.

im sure most of you are familiar with his pioneering work with the original ornette coleman quartet .

most will no doubt also be familiar with his ethno free fusion albums,' mu 1 and 2' and 'orient' on byg as well as the classic saba/mps 1968 release 'eternal rythym.

this very well recorded'soundboard' has many elements in common with those.
the track titles are unknown, though references are made to some cherry compositions such as blue lake if only fleetingly, as well as ayler's ghosts.

my own impression is that his is for the most part though, largely free improvised.

on a couple of tracks ,there is also notable evidence of cherry's interest in electronic and concrete music, track one might even be mistaken for an electro acoustic improv with its shimmering textures, an effect partly produced by the subtle amplified arco bass drones.

the same year (1970) cherry was to make the album 'human music' with electronic composer jon appleton, for bob thiels flying dutchman operation.

here is a great web resource compiling don cherrys unorthorised recordings here----


enough to tantalize, some of those listed feature incredible ad hock groupings, alot of them have appeared sporadicaly and most expensively as bootlegs.

most of these are now circulated on torrent bays, and tape trading networks.
the above link describes a concert with exactly the sameline up from the same year as being live in sheffield.
i know of another 2 concerts by the same band which feature almost identical pieces.
personnel on this is

don cherry-pkt trpt, vox, perc etc
johnny dyani-double bass
makaya ntshoko-drums
dan nedergaard-trpt
mogens bollerup-sax and flute

ripped @256ksmp3 in 2 parts
part 1)
part 2)

we here at I S are not in competition with any other blog and infact are greatful for the proliferation of blogs sharing great music.
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anyone interested in finding other blogs that have put up great music , check the links ,there is a
hell of a lot of great rare and oop music around at the moment.


in the last few months i have recieved many emails(my hotmail adress is listed on this blog)
from some one calling themselves flashgordonsape.
these do not quite have an authentic tone or coherent unified style.
flashgordonsape has also left , stupid and harrasing comments which i do not deem worthy of a reply.
make yourself known , do what youve got to do, i refuse to erase your comments, but i will not answer them.
do something constructive and start your own music blog, you are even welcome to make genuine posts here .
for gods sake stop your incessent whining and carping and please desist from threatening us in such a laboured peurile way.


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Any chance of an upgrade to flac and re-up for this ?

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Hi everybody
is it possible to re-up this concert that seems very exciting, and the comment say that it is well recorded so one more reason no?

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New link:


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Johnny Dyani really shines here!