6 April 2007

henri texier trio-live in (london?)2002

Each new step proves it : Henri TEXIER always succeeded in the impossible; the impossible melting of jazz (as roots) and of the specific features of music in Europe. Without doubt, he owes that to the fact that he started to play double bass at the beginning of his career with prestigious partners: Dexter GORDON, Lee KONITZ, Don CHERRY... He owes it also (and mostly) to his gift to invent the "unheard of" while he allows the alchemy of the meetings: recognizable among thousands of composers, he has his own style...
"Henri TEXIER always succeeded in gathering the newest sounds to the most popular ones. Henri TEXIER does not follow fashions of his time : he belongs to the people who create them." Francis Marmande - Le Monde
(this is a googllized translation from the french)
and another from boromir, and quite marvelous too this may not be free jazz but its inventive enough and ecclectic enough to defy easy categorisation, and yeah it is quite free too in its own way one especially senses the influence of ornette coleman and jimmy guiffre .
henri texier has many records out primarily for lable bleu,
personnel on this is Henri on bass, his son Sebastien on alto and clarinet, and Tony Rabeson on drums.


centrifuge said...

hi dipmong and boromir,

and thanks for this! a real treat, even with the "radio hiss" (i'm used to that...) - i love texier's bass and he does play some interesting music too (always works with very high-calibre sidemen also). i was introduced to him by radio 3 (i presume as b. was - b, do you post on the bored under another name?) but, alas, not in time to hear this concert which i presume was aired on r3..?

anyway, thanks again, and indeed for all the recent recordings - this is one of my favourite blogs/resources :))

I Saw Lol Coxhill Play In A Skip said...

I'm not sure if this was broadcast on R£ Centrifuge if it was I missed it. The show I heard on R£ was HT Quintet.. bloody good it was too!

centrifuge said...

heh, that'll be the strada SEXtet i take it... yeah, i heard that one too - you don't have it do you?! :) i would really like to hear it again... i heard the second selection from that gig several times but the first broadcast (including the sextet rendition of "sacrifice" from remparts d'argile) is the one i'm interested in... just thought i'd ask...

I S L C P I A S said...

Alas , i had it ,but I think I lost the tape when I moved. They did re broadcast it apparently.

Boromir said...


If the recording to which you refer is the 2005 recording at Gateshead festival (with the Strada sextet), then I do have it and will post it on this blog in the near future. Tracklist includes "Sacrifice"

Skipping With Lol said...

Im pretty sure the one I heard was the Azur Quintet the set included Mosaic Man (definitely) and Happy(??).
I threw a box of tapes out in a cleanout mainly Mixing It Gilles Petersen and lot of ambient drum and base type stuff.
I would more than likely take a listen if you posted the Strada.
Always enjoy visiting CN9 by the way.

centrifuge said...

oops, sorry skipper - this is the problem with blogs, you forget where you were having a conversation and there's nothing to prompt you... anyway, maybe you're right, that would have been before my time (as a listener) but i can believe r3 would have played a texier group before... i guess strada sextet will be coming soon...

...boromir, i have second broadcast - different tracks. can supply if you'd like! i meant to say to dipmong - i have quite a few jazz on 3 shows already indexed into separate files and sitting on the computer, some of them the sort of thing which would be relevant - i don't want to post them in the church (i am known as centrifuge on the r3 board and it would be too likely to attract unwanted trouble) but i'm happy to be a "mystery guest" around here if i can help

my rips aren't exactly audiophile, but i guess that's understood... looking forward to hearing "sacrifice" again anyway, corneloup's solo on that had me recalling trane and dolphy at the vv in an ecstatic mail to the show {blush} be throwing me knickers onstage next.

dipmong said...

hi centrifuge
no problem, if you want to post on this blog occasionaly,i seem to recall inviting you some time ago in the comments to one of the earlier posts,at the time you declined.
i dont see why posting broadcasts would attract undesirable attention
if theyre not commercialy available
who'd care.

you asked me somewhere wether id heard of artaud.
ive been mesmerized with his work ever since i saw him as marat in abel gance's napoleon as a teenager.
ive read as much as i could get my hands on.
if you want to be invited to post here
contact me at

Anonymous said...

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