25 March 2018

PETER KOWALD + Members of SHIM (KEY LARGO, 2000)

This was contributed in February 2012 by It's All Tunes To Me who got it from Eric Stach with the permission to post it - here.
Finally after 5 years we'll have a proper post.

Eric Stach, reeds
David Manson, trombone
Peter Kowald, double bass
Jim Stewart, percussion

1. Set 1 - Kowald Solo (40:31)
2. Set 2 - Kowald - Eric Stach Duo (10:38)
3. Set 3 - Trio Kowald - David Manson - Jim Stewart (09:36)
4. Set 4 - Quartet Kowald - Manson - Stewart - Stach (10:08)

Live at the Gulf Coast Museum, Key Largo, Florida on March 3, 2000.

Released in an edition of 25 copies.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Colin Green said...

Many thanks.

25 copies? I mean, why bother?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I assume the 25 copies were custom made: not CDs but self-produced CD-r.
And if the music is good - why not?

Colin Green said...

And if it's good, why not produce some more? One way of looking at it is that the distribution is so limited, it hardly seems worth the effort. I'm glad someone did it, but I'm always a little suspicious of low-quantity productions and the reason behind it.

Thaddeus Milne said...

Well, if you just brought your own recording equipment to the gig and then were burning the discs on your laptop, 25 would seem like a huge number.

wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

jeff said...

Many thanks for this Ernst

armando said...

Thank you, Ernst!

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Thank you