23 March 2018

Harry Tavitian & Hans Kumpf - Open End - 1984

He can be considered the pioneer of free jazz in Romania, since the 80s he have recorded for Leo Records and then self-produced his music. His early albums have never been reissued and the most recent have never been distributed outside Romania, his work is quite difficult to access which is regrettable given his talent and originality.
Here is what seems to be his first recording even if it has been published for the first time in cassette only in 1994 then reissued in cdr ten years later with a bonus track.
This is a duet with the German clarinetist Hans Kumpf, which can also be found on the superb album « East West Creativ Combination » that have been posted on this blog many years ago by Owombat and updated by Corvimax:

Hans Kumpf is also the founding member of Ak Musick an obscur group that made only one record, absolutely fantastic and recently reissued:

1 First Time Together
2 Transylvania On My Mind
3 Etude (bonus track)
4 Drug Ula Blues
5 Blowin' With The Wind
6 Chamber Mood
7 August ’82
8 Lazy Friday Afternoon
9 Cry Of The Balkans
10 Open End

-Harry Tavitian: piano, shepherd flute, vocal
-Hans Kumpf: clarinet

Recorded at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart November 16, 1984

Pirate Records 002 

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What enthusiasm around this musician! Am I to conclude that if there are not the names of Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann, Anthony Braxton or Cecil Taylor in a post, it does not interest anyone? How can one claim to be a music lover and have the same reflexes as those who listen to pop, always go to the same names without trying to find out what is going on next? maybe one day, here too the public will only have what it deserves.

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Yep - I have this hugely recommended recording.

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Sometimes it's hard to go so fast to enjoy all this music, but make sure I always enjoy discovering new musicians and trusting you. Big Thanks cs

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