18 December 2014


Nunnu Big Band:
Hannu Saxelin, alto saxophone, clarinet, birchbark flute
Paavo Honkanen, alto saxophone, clarinet, birchbark flute
Juhani Aaltonen, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Pekka Pöyry, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Penntti Lahti, baritone & soprano saxophone, birchbark flute
Kaj Backlund, trumpet
Markku Johansson, trumpet
Mike Koskinen, trumpet
Emppu Peltola, trumpet
Mircea Stan, trumpet
Heikki Sarmanto, electric piano
Teemu Hauta-aho, bass

Karelia Group:
Pekka Sarmanto, electric violin
Ilja Saastamoinen, guitar
Edward Vesala, drums, vocals, percussion, birchbark flute
Seppo Paakunainen, violin, birchbark flute, birchbark korn, birchbark clarinet, kantele, baritone saxophone

A1. Optaatus Marssi (Optaatus March)  7:20
A2. Kantelon Koetus (Trying Kantele)  8:26
B1. Joikujuttu (Joiku Story)  6:30
B2. Tuohi Soi (Sound Of Birchbark)  3:47
B3. Uusi Hymni Vapaudelle (A New Hymn For Freedom)  2:27
B4. Kahella Sarvella (With Two Horns)  3:47

All composed by Seppo Paakunainen

Recorded September 8, 1971 at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki

BLUE MASTER SPEL301 (vinyl rip)

The original Finnish instruments used when Nunnu was recorded:
Birchbark Clarinet (a birchbark pipe, mouthpiece resembling the embouchre of an oboe)
Birchbark Flutes (5 holes)
Birchbark Horn (5 holes, blown like a trumpet)
Kantele (with 5 strings to be held on knees or on a table, played with fingers)


onxidlib said...

Got the excellent rip from a friend and the cover photos from another friend - my thanks goes to A. and K.


Anonymous said...

Excellent album Onxidlib, you are fortunate to have such friends!
I particularly enjoyed B2-4 and was wondering if you (or they) knew of any works that sounded consistently like the back half of this album.

- Tiew

Solomon said...

Thank you.

E-mile said...

bill d ( and mr. A & K.): thanks! wonderful music...

corvimax said...

Heikki Sarmanto attract my attention here, even if much different from his music.
I' for side two also, thank you onxidlib

Luc Mosley said...

Awesome music!


Moe said...


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kinabalu said...

Only got to hear it this time around, and it is another fine example of jazzified folk music, in this particular case from Finland. I have posted similar examples in the past, notably Østerdalsmusikk (Norway), Talisker (Scotland) and Francois Tusques' Intercommunal (Bretagne, Catalonia, Africa). Would be great to hear even more of this.