24 December 2014


A1. Introduction
A2. Taxi To Musberg
A3. Rischka's Light Faces
A4. Heikideiki

B1. Rischka For Rogue's Gallery
B2. Om Mami Padme Hum
B3. Bumm-Bumm's Lullaby

Eberhard Weber, electric bass, vocals, percussion
Roland Wittich, drums, melodron, vocals, percussion
Fred Braceful, drums, percussion, vocals
Siegfried Schwab, electric guitar, concert guitar, sambul-karang, percussion
Wolfgang Dauner, piano, organ, cembalo, clavinet, ring-modulator, bass trumpet, electra-melodica, sound-horn, vocals, percussion

Recorded on 13 December 1970 at Orange Recording Studios Ltd., 3+4 New Compton Street, London, WC2.

CTR-Produktion ‎– CTR 34694 ST

LP Rip

Best wishes to all


Nick said...




Calisan said...

What the hell!!! Et Cetera's lost album? I never knew about this!
Thanks again and again for all over ther years!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this rarity.

Igor said...

A bomb! Many thanks for this gem.

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for this post and your work over the years!

Rasimov77 said...

thanks for this magnificent upload !! Although I always had a great interest in the experimental psychedelic works of the late 60ties/early 70ties Dauner Groups I never heard of this record...
The best Xmas present I could have imagined...

Solomon said...

Huge Thank You!!

I've been wanting to hear this for years now!

Thank you so much Nick!

chrisc said...

Thank you Nick for this very nice present and best wishes to you too.

ushaped said...

Huge thank you and best wishes for a happy holiday!

fildiferro said...

That's incredible! This lp has been laying on my wishlist for years... A million thanks!

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Millions of thanks for this gem !!


Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Hey all! Before this night is over there'll be what I hope is a real nice surprise for you lovers of EtCetera, over in the Contributions section here. Check it out! Flappy Blue Ears!!!!!!!!!!

Nod Y said...

Fortunately the link is still working for this incredible rarity. That's the kind of post that makes inconstant sol so unique, a great album totally out of any style, a style by itself, great!

Anonymous said...

So interesting. Especially love the acoustic guitar and composition of A4.Heikideiki. It comes out of the strangeness of the other tracks like an oasis or lifeboat in stormy seas. The juxtaposition is something else. Great headphones album. Got here through researching anything and everything Mal Waldron, in this case the fact that Fred Braceful played on Waldron's The Call not to mention Spanish Bitch. Have to say I'm intrigued by the Wolfgang Gauner stuff I've listened to so far. Real expansive and different.