8 August 2012

John Surman - Live in Genoa '96

A solo concert by Surman is a rare and unique event, highly suggestive and magic, a bit like the solo concerts by Lacy.
(great dat recording)

Rec. live at "Teatro ai Parchi di Nervi", Genoa, Italy,
on August 1, 1996 (mix recording)

John Surman,soprano & baritone saxes,bass clarinet,electronics

1. Mevagissey/Sweet Georgia Brown (21:01)
2. Improvisation (05:29)
3. Unknown (04:51)
4. The Potato Song (09:49)
5. Unknown (06:07)
6. A Blues (05:36)
7. Piperspool (24:23)

Total Time 1:17:19

The Potato Song (excerpt)


riccardo said...

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Byablu said...

Fantastic! Surman alone in a live situation - although absolutely ‘solo’ only here and there. The electronics clearly extend his range and diversity, but whether they always enhance and improve is maybe arguable. Where they’re used not at all, or just sparingly as on the baritone ‘Blues’, we’re reminded just what an incredibly commanding and original voice he is. Thanks so much for this, Riccardo.

apf said...

Thank you!

matt w said...

Thank you so much! I have to say I'm a big fan of Surman's solo/overdubbed/synthesized stuff as on many of the ECM albums, and it's great to hear him do it live (and with a different sort of production values).

BTW the first piece is spelled "Mevagissey" -- it's from his Road to St. Ives album about places in Cornwall. (According to Wikipedia the town of Mevagissey was the basis for the setting of two books in Susan Cooper's Dark Is Rising series, which I read when I was a wee lad.)

riccardo said...

thanks for the help apf!

john said...

Great to have this recording, thank you very much.

toci said...

Thank you.Beautiful magic.

Newmill Mark said...

A rare treat indeed. Thanks very much

matt w said...

Tracked down the last piece -- it's "Piperspool" from the Road to St Ives album (at least, that's what the synthesizer line that starts at about 3:30 is).

riccardo said...

Thanks matt w

David said...

Possible to reup please? Thanks!