6 August 2012

Steve Lacy - Live in Florence '78

I'm very happy to have recovered, thanks to my old friend Lino, this recording for years disappeared from my archive.
And along with this, the whole collection of Lino's recordings, that i'll have to digitalize. Stay tuned!

Rec. live at "Teatro Tenda", Florence, Italy, on July 9, 1978
(mix recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano sax

1. The Crust (08:37)
2. Follies (08:13)
3. Unknown (06:35)
4. Italian Duck (07:47)
5. Coastline (07:31)
6. Deadline/The Dumps/Deadline (reprise) (11:07)
7. Bone (06:42)

Total Time 56:35

Deadline (excerpt)


riccardo said...
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armando said...

steve lacy solo in the end of the 70´s. Outstanding! Thanks a lot.

marten512 said...

Thank you Riccardo.
Thank you Lino.

I stay tuned with anticipation.

trane said...

Yes, thanks to both indeed! can't wait for the rest

Igor said...

Many thanks to both of you.

Chris said...

Thanks riccardo & lino I always enjoy this period in Lacy's discography.

DrEyescope said...

The master/monster/mister LACY in a very fertile period. Muchas Gracias, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you

john said...

Peak period Lacy in my view, thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

These Link is dead....
I want to listen his performance.
Please Re-upload.

martin said...

Riccardo's Flacs:




kinabalu said...

It looks like the above links have expired, so here is a new one:


francisco santos said...


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