24 March 2012

DENNiS GONZÁLEZ BAND OF SORCERERS - Hymn For The Perfect Heart Of A Pearl (1991)

DENNiS GONZÁLEZ BAND OF SORCERERS - Hymn For The Perfect Heart Of A Pearl (Konnex 1991)

01 Movement One: Hymn for the Perfect Heart of a Pearl 11.55
02 Movement Two: Astonishing Emptiness 15.59
03 Movement Three: Hymn for Louis Moholo 9.46
04 Movement Four: The Peculiar Stillness at Noon 12.02
05 Movement Five: Angels of the Bop Apocalypse 6.28
06 Parachute One 7.15
07 Movement Six: Hymn for Lionel Battiste / De Lawd's Train 11.26

Dennis González - trumpet, C trumpet, train whistle
Carlos Ward -  alto sax, flute
Tim Green - tenor sax
Paul Rogers - bass
Louis Moholo - drums, whistles, vocals
Paul Plimley - piano (05 & 06 only)

Recorded on 3 April 1990 at Omega Audio, Dallas, TX.

Konnex KCD 5026 (OOP)


miloo2 said...

RS part 1

RS part 2

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I am loving Gonzalez lately, especially his duets with the pianist on Cleanfeed. Cheers! -MB

Andy said...

As a big fan of Paul Rogers, a big thanks for this Milos. He's great on this.

wightdj said...

Fills a gap for me, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for this excellent album.


t-ador said...

Thanks (from another fan of Paul Rogers).

konjaku said...

a great album. I just ordered some cds from his website.

Anonymous said...

This sounds great, many thanks!

upkerry14 said...

I can't get these to unpack without errors.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic album, thanks! - MS

Anonymous said...

Gonzalez is a favorite of mine. Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of tenorist Tim Green's passing - really dug his playing with Dennis Gonzalez on record though I never met the man. He seems like a beautiful spirit.

would be very nice...if you can reup this one....



miloo2 said...

here is new upload, at the moment mp3@320 only -- ulozto.net

Anonymous said...

oha....thank you very, very much...

just saw your new reup...!!

it's running down now....and will made my day.


Anonymous said...

Great great record - thanks for the re-up