24 March 2012



Collective personnel:

Johnny Coles, trumpet
Jack Jeffers, bass trombone
Julius Watkins, french horn
Al Gibbons, tenor saxophone
Howard Johnson, baritone saxophone, tuba
Bross Townsend, piano
Herb Bushler, bass
Warren Smith, drums
Jimmy Owens, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Garnett Brown, trombone
Norman Spiller, trumpet
Sharon Freeman, fench horn
Courtney Winter, saxello
George Barrow, tenor sxophone, bass clarinet
Greg Maker, bass, electric bass
Omar Clay, drums
Vincent Chancey, french horn
Gary Gordon, baritone saxophone
Dave Moore, bass
Keyatte Abdur-Rahman, percussion

CD 1
1. Sub Structure (Perkinson) 04:51
2. Hello Julius (Smith) 04:11
3. Blues for E.L.C. (Smith) 06:07
4. Lament (Smith) 10:53
5. Blues by Monk (Monk) 11:46
6. Ecorah Suite (Silver) 09:58
7. Cool Eddie (Smith) 12:07

CD 2
1. Chisai Sake Kao (Smith) 07:33
2. Introduction to the Blues (Smith) 05:29
3. We've Been Around (Smith) 02:56
4. Screamer (Smith) 06:41
5. I Know the Scenery by Heart (Smith) 06:54
6. Cricket Song Poem (Smith) 12:20
7. Love in the Open Suite (Smith) 19:00

CD 1 Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6 + CD 2 Track 2 > New York City, 1968 & 1969.
CD 2 Tracks 3,4,5,7 > New York City, April 29, 1973.
CD 1 Track 7 + CD 2 Track 1 > New York City, April 29 & 30, 1977.
CD 2 Track 6 > New York City, 1982.

Original releases:
- Warren Smith And The Composer's Workshop Ensemble – Cricket Song-Poem (Miff Music Company – KRS-1006 [Tracks are: A1.Cricket Song Poem / A2. Ecaroh / B1. Coole Eddie / B2. Chisai Sake Kao])

- Warren Smith – Composers Workshop Ensemble (Strata-East – SES-19723 [Tracks are: A1. Sub Structure / A2. Lament / A3. Blues For E.L.C. / B1. Blues for Monk / B2. Hello Julius / B3. Introduction To The Blues])

- Composer's Workshop Ensemble – We've Been Around (Strata-East – SES-7422 [Tracks are: A1. We've Been Around / A2. Screamer / A3. I KNow The Scenery By Heart / B. Love In The Open Suite])

CLAVES CD 50-1195/2



onxidlib said...
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sasha said...

Many thanks for this post onxidlib..I kinda recall hearing some of the vinyl from this series release way back when..It was pretty impressive stuff I thought then..I'm interested to re-acquaint myself all these years later.

Anonymous said...

Many great musicians on these sessions. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this 2-cd set, onxidlib! I was only familiar with Warren Smith's work as a sideman/percussionist. Very interesting to hear his compositions here. And very well-balanced and good sounding recordings too, considering their different eras and line-ups. Thanks Again! --dandor

corvimax said...

i was missing Cricket Song-Poem, thank you

Dr. Puck said...

Frightening in a good way. Thanks

onxidlib said...

Interesting comment - Caliban ;)

onxidlib said...
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francisco santos said...

Big THX !!!!....

Chiquilicuatre y Zappa said...

Many thanks

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!

jeff said...

Late to the party!!! Have had this since the re-up but just now have been listening to it all week. Really fascinating stuff. Many thanks onxidlib.
Any chance you have Warren Smith and the Composer's Workshop Ensemble- Folks Song - Baystate label RVJ-6013 (1978). Anyways thanks for posting this one. New to these ears and simply wonderful!!!!!!!!!

onxidlib said...

Never saw the Baystate release in real - only on popsike.

Andy said...

Thanks onxi and to Jeff whose enthusiastic comment drew me back to check this out. I think it's good to listen to something a lot, especially this music where there is so much to discover on repeated listenings.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Deleted the links. It is available (again?) on diverse streaming/download websites.

dd said...

I sure can't find it anywhere. Can you point me to it, or reup please?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

The CD is OOP but it is available as official download.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

F.e. https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/warren-smith-the-composers-workshop-ensemble-warren-smith-the-composerss-workshop-ensemble/0888003936218

dd said...

Thanks for the links!