17 November 2010

Korean Traditional music Casette-Asia Record co-ALC-1026

Here's some more Traditional Korean Music as an accompaniement to Onx's great Sinawi lp upload.

A- Mystery Casette of Korean traditional music , bought in a grocery shop that made damned fine Kimchi , sadly he place is long gone.

Asia record co-ALC 1026
this is a beauty , even if it requires some tolerance of saturated recording levels in spots .... the first Track sounds like 80's hardcore band Steel Pole Bathtub , at double speed through a lead pipe!!!
(its a processional percussion ensemble piece)

After that the rest is recorded at high but clear levels.... the whole tape has a beautiful grainy quality i like a lot.
Side a .. features Flute , and Piri solos, and court music for ensemble
Side b, features , mostly Kayagum with a bit of percussion.

perhaps some korean speaker/reader can help clarify what's actually present ..



SOTISE said...

Flac& pics


Easy Jams said...

1:1 A nong ak played by the Kuk Lip Kuk Ak Weon (Korean classical music organization) Nong Ak department
1:2: Modern minyo, composed by Mun Ho Weol
1:3 Tansotokchu solo by Cho Chang Hun
1:4 Piri solo by Lee Byeong U
1:5 Daegum solo by Kim Seong Chin
2:1 Kayageum Sanjo by Shin Kkwe Tong
Fast, medium speed, and a melody from a song celebrating cuckoo birds
2:2 Komungo Sanjo by Shin Kkwe Tong
Slow, slow with irregular rhythms

Marcus said...

Many thanks!!

Frédito said...

Thank you Sotise, and thank you Easy Jams for the additional info on the tracklist !

(currently listening, wow, this processional first track...)

Here is some info on the cassette text except tracklist, for anyone interested :

The cassette title (농악) means rural music.
가야금 is the twelve-string korean harp gayagum.
가야금산조 (written vertical and horizontal) is music with harp (가야금) and drum (장구)
거문고: Korean luth
거문고산조 (written vertical and horizontal) is music with luth (거문고) and drum (장구)
(infos from a distant correspoandant who is abroad in Korea)

For those who want to make an additional image of the cassette, with roman letters :)

Beautiful soli, nice sound. Thanks Sotise ! (side A playing)

Anonymous said...

what lp is this :

accompaniement to Onx's great Sinawi lp upload

where is the link to Onx?


Anonymous said...

this is mind blowing.

thank you . thank you. thank you.

what is Onx's great Sinawi lp upload???

is it is still up? who is Onx?

onxidlib said...

Hi anonymous,
I'm Onx and here is the link to the "Sinawi Music from Korea":



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HongLin Qian said...

There are two Chinese(農樂),The Music they sing when the farmers are working.