17 November 2010


Another gem from Kang Tae Hwan. Here he collaborates with two master musicians from Japan.

This recording was initiated by Teruto Soejima. He's together with Aquirax Aida (1946 - 1978) the most prolific critic and organiser/promoter of the japanese Free Jazz scene.
He also wrote the seminal book about japanese Free Jazz - Nihon Free Jazz-shi [The History of Japanese Free Jazz] - sadly only in japanese language. He has organized such events as the 14-day Free Jazz festival "Inspiration and Power" (in 1974 and 1976) etc.


Kang Tae Hwan,as
Masahiko Satoh,p (tr.2 & 3)
Masahiko Togashi,perc (tr.3)

1. Improvisation 1 (solo) 16:21
2. Improvisation 2 (duo) 15:45
3. Improvisation 3 (trio) 23:23

Recorded : Live on October 10th, 1995 at Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Japan

Artist Co-ordinator : Teruto Soejima

AD.forte CD-9602 (unfortunately deleted - buy other CDs from Kang Tae Hwan!!)


onxidlib said...
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Frédito said...

Onxidlib, let me be the first to say 감사합니다 !
It's amazing lately, all the beautiful recordings coming from you guys' archives. Life is sweet !


intempestif said...

Another great album! There's been a continuous barrage of most amazing musics for a couple of months now. I'm barely keeping up with it. Kang Tae Hwan was a recent major discovery for me, thanks to Onxidlib. Since i first heard him a couple of weeks ago, I've been frantically trying to hunt down every album that bears his name.
Thanks a lot for "Asian Spirits"! Another treasure from your seemingly inexhaustible trove.

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bventure said...

Thanks for the re-up - I was actually looking at this earlier today hoping it was going to reapperar - and as if by magic, here it is! Thanks again.

kinabalu said...

"Download permission denied by uploader"

That's a new one ...

RS never ceases to amaze.

sikes said...

Hi, could you possibly re-upload this please, thanks a lot

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sikes said...

thank you onxidlib