18 November 2010

O.M.C.I. - Contro [1975 - L'Orchestra OLP 10004 (LP)]

O.M.C.I. is the acronym for "Organico di Musica Creativa e Improvvisata"
one of the seminal groups for the Italian creative-music in the seventies.
"Contro" is the first album to which will follow "Free Rococò" (OLP 10011-1977) and "Happy Days" (OLP 10018-1979) : all unfortunately OOP!
About R.Geremia : Born in Venice in 1930, he graduated in violin at the
Santa Cecilia Music Conservatory in Rome. He immediately chose to
set out on an adventurous career that led him to play in night club
orchestras and jazz bands,with Stephane Grappelli and Armando
Trovajoli, as well as in recording studios and in concert halls.
In 1951 Bruno Maderna heard his playing and invited him to record
as a soloist on tenor and alto sax and violin for a movie soundtrack.
He had retired from extensive concert activity and was living a quiet
life just performing locally when Guido Mazzon and Tony Rusconi
insisted on him participating in the improvising group O.M.C.I. .
His talent as a poly-instrumentalist and improviser is extraordinary
as will be apparent in his appearances with the Italian Instabile
Orchestra (till 2003) and as a violinist in the Italian String Trio.
He has recorded with The Unrepentant Ones, the ICP Orchestra
and Misha Mengelberg, and with O.M.C.I.. Among his records
currently available are the outstanding Italian String Trio CD
"From Groningen To Mulhouse" (SPLASC(H) Records 416.2-1994)
with Paolo Damiani and Bruno Tommaso, and "Blue Memories"
(Splasc(h) Records 449.2-1995) a trio with Mario Schiano and
Joelle Leandre.

Rec. at "Studio Ariston", San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Italy,
on September 9, 1975

Renato Geremia,tenor & soprano sax,flute,violin,piano
Mauro Periotto,bass
Tony Rusconi,drums

A1 Contro (05:33)
A2 Ballad For Teresa (07:27)
A3 Ex S.Chiara (07:07)
B1 Itinerari (20:01)

Total Time 40:10

All compositions by R.Geremia


riccardo said...

flac (253 MB) :
part1 part2

onxidlib said...

Thank you for this unknown chapter of creative music.
For me Renato Geremia was the violin player of the Italian Instabile Orchestra and the gorgeous album "Tiziana Ghiglioni sings Gaslini".
Thanks for helping to expand my horizon.

intempestif said...

Wow! This one is really rare. I've only heard "Concerto Alla Statale" by O.M.C.I., also from 1975, and really loved it. Thanks so much for this rare gem! There's been a lot of great music happening in Italy in those days, but it seems like many amazing musicians remained quite unknown, at least outside Italy. I'd be really interested to hear and learn more about those obscure Italian musicians.

klakadak said...

This sounds excellent! Thank you very much for the exposure!

sikes said...

Hi, i hope there is an chance this could be re-uploaded, it would be interesting to hear some 70s Italian creative music which i have never been exposed to, thanks

onxidlib said...


sikes said...

Thanks onxidlib

correct silence said...
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correct silence said...

Incredible, this album and the two others originals lp are available for download on Itunes, also available 4 previously unissued live from the 70.