16 November 2010

Musiques du Viet-Nam- Disques Bam lp rip (ld 434)Flac

A georgeous , lp of Vietnamese music on the Defunkt, Parisian Disques Bam ,label

Side one seems to be songs and pieces in the classical "high" or court tradition

performed by the director of Oriental music studies at the centre de la musique orientale in Paris Tran Van khe , and a few otherS , His students perhaps.

side 2 is the real meat ... Raw field recordings made in Hill tribe villages in 1955 , the year after the French got their asses kicked.
those recordings on side 2 feature some quite extreme fades , some tracks fade out after 30seconds .
side b is also quite over recorded , mouth organ and dan tranh garage style!

i havent seperated out the tracks at all .... downsampled from 24-bit 48hz to 16 bit 41 hz..
no editing other than very slight eq , no compression or de crackle

its a short one clocking in at just 28 minutes...

New Link, 10-7-013, see comments


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Anonymous said...

I've had this LP since my days in Boston, like 1974. A beautiful record!

I appreciate the adventurous spirit of your posting. There's much to study and learn from! Thanks.

tusitala said...


could you reupload this one? The link is expired.

Thanks a lot in advance!

SOTISE said...

New and Better Rip 10-7-2013,

chris_c said...

thanks for the share - great disc!