22 November 2010


Another Trio from Japan. Quite different in its attitude.
I was a bit surprised to hear David Friesen in such a musical enviroment.
More probably than not I'm only biased.


Kazutoki Umezu,as,ss,bcl
Masahiko Togashi,perc
David Friesen,b

1. Bamboo Village 10:11
2. Jumpin' Sambo 09:32
3. How Are You 14:33
4. Blue Tree 06:53

Recorded March 21, 22, 1980 at Onkio Haus (sic!), Tokyo



onxidlib said...
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Zipangu said...

Great ! Thank you very much for this rare lp ! I love Umezu music & his different projects. I've an almost dedicated blog to him, called "Big in Japan" (http://lostandoutofprint.blogspot.com/).
And, perhaps have you somewhere this other fine lp "The Masterpiece" by Toyozumi Yoshisaburo Unit with Kazutoki !?
All the best,Z.

onxidlib said...

Unfortunately I don't have "The Masterpiece" - I would like to hear it.

I saw Kazutoki Umezu once in my life - a wonderful concert!
It was on 8th June 1984 in Moers.

This was the complete day:

Alfred Harth "Gestalt et Jive" (BRD/GB/France)
Alfred Harth, reeds — Steve Beresford, organ, tp, voc — Ferdinand Richard, eb, voc — Uwe Schmitt, dr

Dr. Umezu Band (Japan)
Kazutoki Umezu, reeds — Hiroaki Katayama, reeds — Takeharu Hayakawa, eb — Takashi Kikuchi, dr, perc

Massacre (USA/Japan)
Fred Frith, g — Takeharu Hayakawa, eb — Takashi Kikuchi, dr

Art Ensemble of Chicago (USA)
Lester Bowie, tp — Joseph Jarman, reeds, fl, perc — Roscoe Mitchell, reeds, fl, perc — Malachi Favors, b, perc — Don Moye, dr, perc

By the way - do you have "TON KLAMI : In Moers" (Nippon Crown CRCJ-9110)

Anonymous said...

any chance you could re-up this one ??
thanks a lot !!!!

Santiago said...

A re-upload of this one would indeed be nice. Multiupload is down.

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! The quieter, atmospheric improvs on this LP are really wonderful; the more free jazz bits are great too!


onxidlib said...
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DW said...

Thanks! This guy is starting to grow on me.

francisco santos said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


jeff said...

Ernst. Great album. This was my introduction to Umezu when you posted it back in 2010.
I find it interesting on the closing track, Blue Tree, when Umezu comes in multi-tracked on two horns, the one to my ear sounds like a clarinet. I've played alto and have never gotten that woody tone like on my clarinets (which by the, way I play poorly compared to my saxes). But.... there are no clarinet credits listed anywhere that I can find. I know he plays them. Don't think my ear is being tricked...but I could be wrong :) But then again I've never seen the back cover of this. Just going off discogs and other sources. Is the back cover included with the new file?
Peace brother

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Jeff, the reposted files are the same as the one I've posted seven years ago.
But I've re-read the liner notes and the credits are exactly as I've added them above.
At least the text mentions that Umezu's first instrumet was the (Bb) clarinet.
So I would say your ears aren't tricked - listening now to 'Blue Tree': I hear a clarinet, too.
Probably the bass-clarinet played in the upper (chalumeau?) register?
Or they simply forgot to add the Bb clarinet to the credits. This happens occaisonally. Same as mixing trumpet and/or cornet with the flugelhorn on some releases.
BTW - the discogs entry was submitted two years ago by myself.

jeff said...

Thanks for checking. I definitely agree. My thought also was bass clarinet.

JazzHound said...

Thanks for posting this. Umezu's Kiki Band work a longtime favorite for me with the great Takeharu Hayakawa on electric bass, and his Klezmer band also does some rather remarkable work. Experiencing a Pavlovian response while downloading this one, as I expect it should display a different side of Kazutoki Umezu's work.