26 July 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams - Live in Rome '79

Wonderfully recorded by my dear friend "Ilario",
this Muhal's concert remains among the best things
i've never listened by the Great Chicagoan pianist.
A true lesson about piano jazz and not only.
Higly recommended !
(the day after concert [February 11th] in the next future)

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St. Louis", Rome, Italy,
on February 10th, 1979 (mix recording)

Muhal Richard Abrams,piano

1. Track #1 (36:30)
2. Track #2 (35:43)
3. Track #3 (07:58)

Total Time 1:20:13


riccardo said...
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giu said...

This should be a gem!
I saw a concert on the same tour in Florence and was fantastic

Chuck Nessa said...

I've known and admired Muhal for 43 years and celebrate his unique talents. I hope interested parties will attend the Chicago Jazz Festival for his performances there - with George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell and others. The Big Band concert the final night should be special.

alec said...

Riccardo and Claudio, I can't thank you enough! Muhal is one of my favorite musicians in all of music, probably my favorite pianist, and to hear him in concert from the 70's is magical. Best wishes for both of you!

trane said...

Thanks Riccardo, a Muhal solo performance is laways a treat

mk said...

Thanks for this gem

Flatulist said...

Thanks a lot! Wonderful pianist - can't wait to hear this.

Miklos said...

Thanks **a lot** for this Muhal upload, truly wonderful indeed!

serviceton said...

And - (some months later) - a large thanks from me riccardo. You have done great work !

Anonymous said...

Can some reupload this Muhal's concert? I've got the 2nd part and I'm anxious to listen the first!

kinabalu said...

New links:



I had a listen, and it's a splendid 80 minute solo performance! Recommended!

As for your other Muhal request, I don't have it, but I'll look around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks!
I was waiting for this one, and after you reccomanded I'm sure this will be great music.

softnucleus said...

Many thanks, kinabalu, but actually this is the concert of February 11th. Is it possible a re-up also of February 10th?

kinabalu said...

@softnucleus: I didn't realise that there were two concerts on consedcutive nights, so it looks like the one I reposted here is in the wrong place. This is the only one I know I have. Perhaps some others can chip in?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance for a re up of this? Thanks