25 July 2009

Michel Portal Unit - Live in Lovere '79

My second and last contribution at the musical
story of M.Portal : a single piece, since the
concert devoleped as a long (very long) medley.
Terrific work by the couple Francioli/Favre,
at the level of the most famous Holland/Altschul
or Parker/Drake.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 17th, 1979
(mix recording)

Michel Portal,reeds,bandoneòn
Albert Mangelsdorff,trombone
Leon Francioli,bass
Pierre Favre,percussions

1. Track #1 (1:19:49)


riccardo said...

lame (180 MB) :

flac (497 MB) :



Anonymous said...

I have a rather muffled "B-" 74min-version of this. I uploaded that on dime last year. This apparently is a different source and so I actually hope for an upgrade :o). Thanks anyway, I'll try it!

wightdj said...

A beauty, thanks much!

sotise said...

thanks Riccardo , yeah great rythm section .. P favre is one of the masters , great to hear him in a such freewheeling context, you are lucky to have attended so many great concerts ...in such an era of abundance!

sotise said...

this concert is HOTTTTTT, A KILLER!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that recording. Though I don't want to critize anyone here, I
would like to comment that I think that one should have used a bit
less hiss reduction. Now, some digital artefacts are audible.

By the way, there is a break in the
recording! The first piece ends
around 67'!

giu said...

a great concert....
i have it on cassette.
now the joy of flac

Classic said...

Link doesn't work (flac). Anyone can re-up? Big thx.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


chrisc said...

Thank you very much.