28 January 2009

Jeanne Lee Trio

Zürich, Rote Fabrik, 1989

Jeanne Lee,voc Jack Gregg,b Steve McCall,dr

1 Announcement Speaker 1:45
2 Bruckner Boulevard 6:17
3 Announcement JL / Subway Couple 9:15
4 I Like Your Style 5:10
5 Journey 9:18
6 Announcement JL / New's Watch (PerryRobinson,comp,JL,voc-solo) 8:04
Total Time: 39:54

Jeanne Lee - Solo

Bremen, 1990

Jeanne Lee,voc

7 Title 5:35
8 Title / Announcement JL 3:00
9 Title 6:08
10 Title 5:01
11 Title 9:31

Total Time: 29:15


gsrbrts2 said...



(Flacs previously posted rarely d/l. Would Flac if requested. Tapscott forthcoming)

Dan Buskirk said...

Couldn't be more excited, never met a Jeanne Lee recording I didn't like. For me she is in the highest echelon of jazz performers.

Dan Buskirk said...

Couldn't be more excited, never met a Jeanne Lee recording I didn't like. For me she is in the highest echelon of jazz performers.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Mr. Buskirk is indeed correct. The music world lost a giant when Ms. Lee passed. Great post!!!!!!!!!

david said...

This is the first Jeanne Lee I've heard, but I couldn't be more excited to hear it. An excellent concert. Thank you!

Wallofsound said...

Wow, another great artist, and a rare recording. Thank you, thank you.

Wallofsound said...
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ubu said...

This is indeed a fine concert!

I've got some Jeanne Lee up on my blog that may be of interest:

a short bit in duo with Ran Blake from 1963:

and a concert with Mal Waldron and the Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ) from Vienne 2000:

roberto t. said...

A found treasure, thank you. And Steve McCall is wonderful as always.

ghostrancedance said...

Thank you for this wonderful share! I'm looking forward to unpacking this one... Jeanne Lee with Steve McCall! Cool.

treibstoff said...

didn't know this recording...
big surprise!!!

thanx a lot for that up!!!!

more LEE is HERE (and you can use it 'cause that was my contribution to the fine blog of pathways.....

Peter Kowald Principle Life
Karlsruhe (Germany)
Jubez – SWF-Jazz-Session
19900521 – May 21, 1990

Jeanne Lee vocal
Klaus Hovman b
Peter Kowald b
Marilyn Mazur dr

1) 10:06 The Star (M. Mazur)
2) 11:05 Piece Choral (Jay Clayton)
3) 15:10 Gate, Gate Paragate (Lee/Kowald)
4) 07:29 Subway Couple (J. Lee)
5) 16:00 Stupid fresh (P. Kowald)
6) 12:13 Fire Music (Peter Kowald)

This is a remastered version of an original DIME upload.

kowald lee = principle life


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thank you for sharing this. Lee was a spellbinding performer, I saw her do this material with Joanne Brackeen on piano in NYC in 1996. Another underrecorded artist, thanks for expanding the documentation.

Newk said...

Yeah! I love Jeanne Lee, and it's always exciting to find something new. That recording with Peter Kowald (another favorite) mentioned above is beautiful. Does anyone have any recommendations for other post-Abbey, post-Betty Carter vocalists, especially ones that write their own material? Thanks!

david_grundy said...


hulaboy said...

Thanks to everyone for these precious sounds!

melanpyre said...

Could you please re-upload this one ?