29 January 2009

ICP Orchestra Nov 14, 1999

Preston Bradkey Hall, Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago, IL

Nov 14. 1999

Sound Board Recording

Misha Mengelberg - piano
Micahel Moore - clarinet, alto sax
Ab Baars - clarinet, tenor sax
Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Tristan Honsinger - cello
Ernst Glerum - contrabass
Han Bennink - drums


gsrbrts2 said...

In view of your positive comments regarding the previous post, here's anoother ICP concert.

Enjoy, Gus.


jazzme said...

@ wallsfsound I have your email and will do some research for you before July ...@ gsrbrts were at the Guelph ICP show

Wallofsound said...

I've expressed my enthusiasm for Michael Moore in earlier posts, so I'm looking forward to this on. Thanks for sharing.

jazzme: thank you. Most appreciated.

LYM said...

@gsrbts2 THANKS for Your ICP posts! Every ICP concert is almost a great pleasure and a little gem of taste, musical interplay, irony, intelligence...
The musicians here involved are amongst the most important of the whole european (I think wordly) jazz and creative improvised music!
@wallofsound, according not only to my personal taste it's very difficult not being enthusiasts of Micheal Moore and I envy(?) Wallofsound since this is his discovering of an exciting musical world.
Finally I had the luck of listening live, in Clusone norther Italy, before they disbanded to
two aamong the most important and to me thrilling jazz groups of the '90. They were the Clusone Trio (Moore, Reijserger, Bennink) and the best Gerry Hemingway group till today. Worth sayin' that in both the Michael Moore contribution has been essential.

Here some links:




Anonymous said...


matt w said...

I was at this show and it was one of the most amazing live experiences I've had -- can't wait to hear the recording.

If I remember correctly, they opened with "Alexanders Marchbefehl" (which can be heard on "Tetterettet" and on Globe Unity Special's "Rumbling") and that the baroque trio in the middle is "A La Russe" (can be heard on ICP orchestra's "Oh My Dog!").

matt w said...

Never mind, the show I was at was in Chicago in 2001, not 1999. Still looking forward to it!

matt w said...

Track identifications I was able to make (note that there's some other stuff going on; the "Kneushoorn" theme doesn't appear till the last five minutes, and they clearly play a bit of "My Funny Valentine" during "Rollo II").

1. Announcement (1:17)
2. Kneushoorn (Mengelberg) (19:23)
3. The Mooche (Ellington) (11:40)
4. Caravan (Tizol) (10:07)
5. Unknown title (prob. Mengelberg) (10:25)
6. Solitude (Ellington) (5:58)
7. Rollo II (Mengelberg) (9:37)
8. can't remember this one (10:33)

The last song is really bugging me -- it's super familiar, Monk or Ellington or maybe a Mengelberg original, but I can't place it right now.

matt w said...

Track 8 is "Romantic Jump of Hares" by Mengelberg.

ubu said...

I've had this for a while but without setlist - thanks a lot, matt!

"Bob" said...

track 8 - "Romantic Jump of Hares"?

It sure sounds like "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)" at least in part, but it seems to shift into something else.

theunwrinkledear said...

Thanks so much for this recording. it was a great show on an uncharacteristically sunny and mild and beautiful chicago sunday in november. I think the start time was strange, like 5pm or something, or maybe even earlier, because there was great light coming in from the windows of this gorgeous concert space. A real treasure! Thank you!