7 July 2008

TTT featuring A.R. Penck "3 + 2 = XXXXX" (1984, music corporation) FLAC & MP3-320

As promised, we start a little series of Penck LPs posts. This one as already been up on Church Number 9 but is presented here in flac & high quality mp3.

Info from Rick Lopez's discography :

TTT featuring A.R. Penck : 3 + 2 = XXXXX

music corporation (LP) 1984

May 27, 1984 / Dimensional Sound Studio, New York City
  1. We Met Frank and Butch in Town
  2. Our Sound Unity
Frank Wright (sax, voice)
Butch Morris (cornet)
Frank Wollny (guitar)
Heinz Wollny (bass)
A. R. Penck (drums, Cover Art)

If any of you knows how all these sessions came about, we'd be very interested to know.



nad3170 said...
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Reza said...

many thanks great album

so do you know , has church #9 blog gone private or is it all shut down these days ?

Anonymous said...

Reza: Hi. C#9 closed down last August. RIP.

htakat said...

many thanks for this great concert

Anonymous said...

You can find some information on the history of the TTT projects on Frank Wollny's site - in German only, sorry:


wightdj said...

Perfect, thanks.

Alex Ryzh said...

Hello. Can you re-up all TTT releases? Thanks

Rev. bIGhIG said...

I second that.

melanpyre said...

Please re-up !

GiancarloB said...

please re-up the Penck's music!

Vanderbrötz said...

Can you reupload please

kinabalu said...

New link:


This is an mp3 rip which, I believe, is taken from the Church Number Nine blog mentioned at the top of the post. It predates the post made here, so it must have come from the other blog which very much provided an inspiration for what we do here.

This is the first of six reups of TTT material, so stay tuned!

Vanderbrötz said...

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Reupload lossless please!!!