7 July 2008

Beryl Booker Quintet with Miles Davis - Birdland, 26th April, 1952

This short (12 minute) FM broadcast appeared on dime over the weekend (thanks to natefrawg), and I thought I'd share it here as it is very listenable and has a lot of music, despite average to poor sound - in fact, the sound very much adds to the atmosphere.

Beryl Booker Quintet (w/ Miles Davis)
26th April, 1952
Birdland, New York

Source: FM Broadcast

Miles Davis (tpt)
Don Elliot (vb, mellophone)
Chuck Wayne (g)
Beryl Booker (p)
Clyde Lombardi (b)
Connie Kay (d)

01 Radio intro (0:17)
02 Rifftide (4:11) (not Lady Be Good, according to dime cognoscenti)
03 Introduction (0:24)
04 It Could Happen to You (4:32)
05 Introduction (0:13)
06 Wee Dot (2:13)
07 Announcer talking over Birks' Works (0:39) (again, identified by joerg from dime)

Details of this unissued radio session are also to be found here.


Tantris said...

FLAC (!)


Boromir said...

Nice to see that there is interest in this sort of stuff around here. I see the same dime seeder posted a great Davis sextet with Stan Getz and JJ Johnson.

serviceton said...

thanks Tantris - yep I dig it !

sound is a bit ropey , but who cares - this is history.
And isn't the young man in flash form!
None of yer 'walking on eggshells' here. . .
Square white announcer: "Miles, how 'bout 'Lady Be Good'?"
(Unspoken) "How 'bout you hang it in yo' ass?"
Band proceeds to play Rifftide.

Track 2 IS Rifftide, but that lead-out tune (07)is not Birks' Works. I get why Joerg thinks it is, cause of the rhythmic thing and the shape of the riff - but I think it's some other tune - (that I can't name!)
Could be wrong of course - please correct if so.
I enjoyed Don Elliot, Connie Kaye, Beryl Booker great too - oh, and Miles.
Enjoyed all really.

Tantris said...

Glad you both liked it - and I had exactly the same thoughts about track 2! (Why do American announcers still sound like this today?)

The same uploader also posted some more early radio shows - here's what I picked up from dime this evening - one from 1949, and the 1950 sextet that Boromir mentioned. (They were shn files, which I converted to mp3 for convenience);


bicho said...

thank you tantris!

that is great and historical music!
i think this comes original from the great boris rose archive, who recorded all this wonderful shows in the 40´s and 50´s live from the radio. b.t.w., do you have a show with miles from 05-16-1953 with the following line-up: Miles Davis (tpt); Sahib Shihab [Edmund Gregory] (bs); Wade Legge
(p); Lou Hackney (b); Al Jones (d); Candido Camero (cga); Joe
Carroll (voc); Bob Garrity (ann)?
this would be great.

thanks in advance and i like also the other things on your blog!!!

keep boppin´

Wallofsound said...

I've only just found time to listen to this, and the other early Miles. You're right about the sound quality, but Miles comes through surprisingly well, while the rest of the band struggle in mud. As a long time Davis fan this is quite a revelation. It's interesting how the star billing is given to Miles, and how he is seen as a trumpet technician. Maybe all Bop players seemed to be technicians at the time, but his performance certainly proves that he was able to play at the sharp edge of BeBop. No whimsy here.

green said...

thank you so much for this post. i've only recently found out about this place and it's just an awesome blog. how is it possible that you know so much music???