6 July 2008

Elton Dean's Newsense - FM Broadcast Berlin 1997


Berlin Jazzfest
07 November 1997

FM radio broadcast

Elton Dean: alto sax, saxello
Roswell Rudd: trombone
Paul Rutherford: trombone
Annie Whitehead: trombone
Jim Dvorak: trumpet
Alex McGuire: piano
Marcio Mattos: cello
Paul Rogers: bass
Mark Sanders: drums

Perhaps the most widely-known fact about Elton was that he gave half his name to a budding popstar legend. For those who don't know the story - in the 60s Elton co-led a band along with blues singer Long John Baldry. The band's pianist took half his professional name from each of these guys and went on to fame and fortune (whether these were deserved is a matter I won't get into).

Elton was an early member (though not a founder) of Soft Machine, and with the Soft Machine Legacy which was a reunion band formed around 2002. In the intervening years he played in numerous free jazz groups along with Keith Tippett and others in that circle. Newsense, which was put together in 1997 is a little unusual in having three trombonists, led by the great Roswell Rudd. Rutherford worked frequently with Elton in Keith Tippett's band, and Annie Whitehead is the best female British trombonist around.

The numbers on this concert are an interesting mixture of free group improvisation and big band arrangements. The brass blend together extremely well.

The guy who seeded this on dime (can't remember his moniker, but my thanks to him and to the original taper) did so on the second anniversary of Elton's death in 2006. Sadly, last August, Paul Rutherford also passed away. I think this recording is a fitting trubute to them both.

Sound quality on this FM recording is excellent. MP3 and Flac links in comments.


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thanks a lot boromir.
Elton Dean's play is probably not as shrieking and free as some of his better known colleagues, but it's really enjoyable nevertheless.
and what a line-up! they work amazingly well together.

ready for a new one if there's more where it comes from.
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Great. Elton was his own man. Thank you.

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