16 June 2008

Ornette Coleman- the paris concert 1966-71 FLAC & LAME

Heres another contribution from glmlr.

Definitely a set that ought to be better known and circulated..magnificently recorded for what I believe was basically an un authorised release..(glmlr disagrees with me here, my source is an only dimly remembered discographical note in an insert to one of ornettes artist house lp’s..and since I don’t have my records with me at this moment ,I cant actually confirm that suspicion)

It certainly has a disputed ..highly contended discographical provenence.

There seems a level of uncertainty about whether any of this set was recorded in 66 featuring izenzion and moffett, as opposed to haden and Blackwell.

Whatever its provenance, ultimately it’s the music which matters ..and this is a sonically relatively superb documentation of what must have been a stunning group live.

I recall having heard other live material by this group ,notably an lp boot released by French label musidisc in the early 70’s in very atrocious sound.. so its great to hear this again and a pristine rip too!!Perhaps at some point in time someone will see fit to share the scandalously neglected impulse records ‘crisis’ and ‘ornette at twelve’ which have been out of print for many years

The only constantly circulated discs by the quartet with redman ,and Blackwell seem to be the good but otherwise very slick and manicured records on blue note “new york is now” and ‘love call”

thanks glmlr

· Paris Concert / Ornette Coleman: Trio PA7169 (2LPs)· · Paris, February 12, 1966 & November 1971· Ornette Coleman(as,tp,vln), David Izenzon(b), Charles Moffett(d), Dewey Redman(ts),· Charlie Haden(b), Ed Blackwell(d)· ·

1. Second Fiction · 2. Summer-Thang · 3. Sihouette · 4. 14 Juillet (*)· 5. Fantasy 77 · 6. Reminiscence (*)· 7. All Day Affair (*)· · Note: (*) Izenzon, Moffett, February 12, 1966;Note: Redman, Haden, Blackwell, 1971, Only Japan IssuedDiscographical sourceshttp://cd-v.net:80/jazz/discography/ornette_d.html



sotise said...
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sotise said...


vbr 256-320


zero said...

I've just spent some time trying to sort through the info here and various boots in my files, but -- duh! -- that can wait. I'm heading straight for the goods.

HUGE THANKS to glmlr and sotise!

sotise said...

zero... ill post the waldron contribution you sent, here tommorow!! ok

sotise said...

i correct myself ...
the great elvin plays drums on n.y is now and love call ..not blackwell, ive just reread the rush /draftless post .. and realised my gaff

Anonymous said...

A little question: How do i get to the Church #9 blogg...?


1009 said...

this comes up every now & again ...

church #9 is no more. there is no way to access it. it has been shut down by the mysterious atanase, but we thank him for all he has given.

serviceton said...

Anyone hesitating on this.. - "Aww.. MORE Ornette on my 'shelves' ?..." -
DON'T !! This is a fantastic concert of warm, "living" improvisation at its finest.

There is a CD on a bootleg label of this that has been issued: - the CD is missing 2 of the tracks that are here, and does not have noticeably better sound.
This (LP) sound is very good indeed.
Many thanks to glmlr and sotise.
I was sort of getting 'sick of' Ornette a bit - then I heard this one. . .

Anonymous said...

Dear Sotise

the vinyl rip sounds splendid! ornette and his boys are on fire! Timeless music in my opinion.

So thanks very very much for sharing this amazing concert on OC!

best regards,

Salut, Enrique :)

een said...


ornette at 12

Nick said...

thank you both, sotise and een, for this music! the paris concert has got me warmed up, and then Crisis appears at last!

sotise said...

een .. many thanks for those..
credit btw/as i state in my post goes to glmlr as the ripper

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

here you can get Kaoru Abe "Another Day Dreams", japo-avantgard; Sax solo, 1972.

Lame, 262 kbps ( excellent sound)


The critics said on this days: "Super rare album from a crazy motherfucker. Not for pussies or old women".


best regards, Enrique :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Enrique. This appears to be identical to the PSF 0040 CD release.

il angelo said...

Thanks een, sotise and glmlr, Crisis is a hell of a record I have been waiting to listen to for a quite a long time. I am in a trance.
Very appreciated, gentlemen.

sotisier said...

Tracks 1 to 4 salle de la mutualite, paris ,November 1965
5-7 radio broadcast of a show in paris taped or broadcast?? on febuary 12 1966
Ornette C- alto sax, trpt
David Izenzon-db
Charles Moffett-dr

FLAC/ scans


LYM said...
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LYM said...

Hi sotise, first of all thanks to YOU, een and sotisier for all Your good work and generosity. I was looking for some Ornette Records and found all this very good music. I know by some time Your amazing blog that, togheter with CIA, Folly For To See That, Huppes And Hyalites…and not so many others, is in my opinion one of the best places of the net.
Try to help a little in clarifiyn’ some discographycal confusion. As reference discographycal tool I use the digital version of Bruyninckx “70 years of recorded jazz”
I’ve taken a look at the discographycal sites You quote and I must thanks You for they presents all the original covers, but I think they are not so well for discog info, full of mistakes and not helpful in clarifyin’ some doubts
The Paris Concert You’ve posted was originally issued on a double LP by the Japan label named Trio PA 1769/1770 (this is the vinil rip of that double Lp(?)). The discographycal notes on Trio seems here to be correct: 7 tracks recorded part in 1966 (12th of February) with the trio, and the other four in 1971 with the quartet.
The sostisier post “The Paris Concert 1965-66-Gambit Records” partially duplicate the Trio double Lp with the same 3 tracks broadcasted in february1966 plus a 1965 Paris Concert. So here are the possibly correct discog info:

Ornette Coleman, In Paris 1965-66, Gambit Records (CD)
1. Sadness
2. Lonely woman
3. Fallin' stars
4. Clergyman's dream
5. Reminiscence
6. Doughnout (aka All Day Affair)
7. 14 julliet

Tracks 1 to 4
Salle de la mutualite, paris ,4 November 1965 Originally issued as double lp by Magnetic (F)MRCD122. The other disc was the Sonny Rollins set by the same concert.

Tracks 5 to 7 radio broadcast of a show in Paris on febuary 12 (18 according to Bruiyninckx) 1966. Originally issued as part of a double lp by Japanese label Trio PA 1769/1770 (The Paris Concert You posted)
All tracks Ornette Coleman Trio: Ornette Coleman (alto sax, trpt), David Izenzon (db), Charles Moffett (dr).

Ornette Coleman, Paris concert, Trio PA7169/7170
Concert, Paris, c. late 1971
1. Second fiction (Street Woman)
2. Summer-Thang
3. 14 juillet
4. Fantasy 77 (Rock The Clock)
5. Reminiscence
6. All day affair
7. Silhouette

Tracks 1, 2, 4 and 8
Ornette Coleman Quartet : Ornette Coleman (as-1,tp-2,vln-3) Dewey Redman (ts-4, musette-5), Charlie Haden (b) Ed Blackwell (d)

Tracks 3, 5 and 6 are the same 3 tracks (n. 5 to 7) recorded in February 1966 in Paris of the previous Gambit record

john said...

thanks for this great Coleman album. As a student I broke the bank to buy the vinyl as a japanese import, and am glad to have a digital version now my vinyl is no more.

jackalope said...

Darn, late to the party - part 4 and 5 of the flac post have ceased to be available from rapid-s. Any chance of a reup?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Crisis !