17 June 2008

David Murray Octet (with Jimmy Lyons) - Live NYC 1984

Prolific artist David Murray has frequently led octets consisting of many distinguished musicians.
This one intrigued me particularly because of the inclusion of Jimmy Lyons. I wasn't aware that he'd ever played with Murray, and found it interesting to hear Lyons in company with different musicians than those on his more well-known recordings.
This is a very polished performance. You'd think the guys performed together permanently. It must be tribute to Murray to bring such a band together and function so well. There's a particularly fine version of Murray's classic "Last of the Hipmen".
July 1984
Joe Papp's Public Theatre, New York

Olu Dara [Charles Jones III] (tpt, cornet)
Lawrence "Butch" Morris (cornet)
Dick Griffith (tb)
Jimmy Lyons (as)
David Murray (ts, bcl)
Anthony Davis (p)
Wilbur Morris (b)
Steve McCall (d)
1 Introduction 0:23
2 Ming (D. Murray) 4:32
3 Last of the Hipmen (D. Murray) 19:52
4 Home (D. Murray) 5:30
5 Dewey's Circle (D. Murray) 10:19
6 Choctaw Blues (D. Murray) 8:15
Broadcast in late 1984 on American Public Radio.

Thanks to plosin for seeding this on dime.
Flac and MP3 links in comments.


Boromir said...






sotise said...

wow this looks incredible..thanks B to both you and plosin.

bongomccongo said...

thankyou, always a pleasure to hear jimmy Lyons(and of course Murray, but he is prolific) and some great tunes, from what might have been his best period.

Wallofsound said...

After listening through once, this certainly is an enjoyable concert; and very well recorded. I can't think of another recording with Murray and Lyons either, but somehow I feel there should be one. They were certainly in the same circle from the time Murray arrived in New York. They both have tracks on Wildflowers, for instance. And of course Lyons recorded with other WSQ players.

I have to say I love this period of Murray Octets and Big Bands. It's great that the performances should have been in the Public Theater, because Murray started his large ensemble projects organised by Kunle Mwanga there.

Thanks for sharing. If anyone else has live recordings of Murray I'd love to hear them.

Slothrop said...

Bravo, Boromir. There is never, ever enough Jimmy Lyons.

Anonymous said...

It is actually Dick Griffin on Trombone, not Griffith. Common mistake... same thing happened to this master on The Inflated Tear LP. Great Post thanks

gerireig said...

Murray's octets from the '80's set a standard which cannot be equalled. A great lineup. Once again, a deep thanks.

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The flac link for part 2 does not work. The file is no longer there. Please repost a working part 2 for the flac files. Thanks for all your good work.

Andy said...

Hi. I'm late getting to the party and someone's drank all the flacs but the mp3s taste great. Thank you.

costanza said...

this one sounds interesting but no longer available could u please reup?

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re post, please...

JazzHound said...

Yes, a repost would be greatly appreciated!