1 June 2008

Arthur Blythe- Bush Baby (adelphi lp ad5008) 1978 ,FLAC and lame

Heres a great one , given to me in person recently by our man in Melbourne "Serviceton"..
Unusual instrumentation makes this somewhat more austere perhaps than his contemporaneous output, very beautiful nonetheless.
.. a fabulous share which I had not heard..

a heartfelt thank you to serviceton..
Bush Baby

Arthur Blythe - Alto
Bob Stewart - Tuba
Ahkmed Abdullah - Conga

Side A

1. Mamie Lee
2. For Fats

Side B

3. Off The Top
4. Bush Baby

Rec NYC Dec 1977

Adelphi AD5008 (p) 1978

Ripped to both flac and lame 320



sotise said...

Bush baby, lame 320

bush baby ,flac

sotise said...

also ripped by me sometime back for other friends...

heres "the grip" on india navigation
from the same year
Recorded live at the brook 40 west 17th street nyc, feb 26 1977
Tracklist is
Side one
The grip
Spirits in the field
Sunrise service

Side two
Lower nile
As of yet
My son ra

Arthur blythe- alto, composer
Abdul wadud- cello
Ahmed Abdullah-tpt
Bob stewart- tuba
Steve reed- traps
Muhamad Abdullah- percussion


Boromir said...

Sotise, thanks to you and to serviceton for these great recordings.

Wallofsound said...

I'd not heard this one before, either, but it's terrific. Some of the best techniques of contrast and swing from WSQ. Blythe moves from beautifully round to tart tone; and I have always loved the tuba in a jazz context.

I can't get at the second post until I have RS capacity, but very much looking forward to that as well. Many thanks for sharing.

centrifuge said...

he sotise :) & hi serviceton! thanks to you both for this, grabbing it now

Roberto said...

Hey Sotise! Thanks for this and so many amazing posts.


Tantris said...

Looking forward to hearing these - thanks sotise.

il angelo said...

The sparse instrumentation brins a lot of focus. Thanks gentlemen, Lately I am in a Blythe phase.

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Thank you so much. It sounds really interesting.

hookfinger said...

Whoa - thanks alot for a great one!!!

ABE said...

Thank you - I love jazz tuba (and Blythe)so i'm looking forward to hearing this!

gerireig said...

Great trio! Loved them all. Thanks 3 trillion times. This blog rocks!

centrifuge said...

yeah, i enjoyed this obscure item, thanks again.

btw "for fats" is a horace tapscott number, encountered by blythe on tapscott's *the giant is awakened* album

serviceton said...

'For Fats' is actually an Arthur Blythe tune - the only one by him on The Giant Is Awakened LP by Horace Tapscott..
Pedantry aside, ALL the music on this wonderful album is highly recommended to those that haven't heard it.
Tapscott's writing and playing is inspired and quite unique, Blythe's alto playing is gripping and visceral. There are two bass players, and the little-known Everett Brown is a seriously capable & wonderful drummer.
It was recorded in 1969 for Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman label.

Tunes are
1. The Giant Is Awakened
2. For Fats
3. The Dark Tree
4. Niger's Theme

Personnel is
Horace Tapscott - piano
Arthur Blythe - alto
David Bryant - bass
Walter Savage Jr - bass
Everett Brown Jr - drums

It was Tapscott's first date as a leader - this and many of his later albums are out of print, BUT, there is a treasure trove of Tapscott waiting at Nimbus West Records, including much vinyl for young fogies like me. (http://www.nimbuswest.com/index.htm)

Here then, is Horace Tapscott's "The Giant Is Awakened"


This is the MP3 version..

serviceton said...

... and here's the FLACs


If you're not that familiar with Tapscott, well google, will quickly reveal interesting pieces like this http://www.pointofdeparture.org/PoD5TheCircle.html, or this http://www.lacitybeat.com/cms/story/detail/sessions_with
If you read French (and even if not), go to this page for a labour-of-love compendium of West-Coast jazz & improvised music from a certain era..
this guy has done great work..

centrifuge said...

serviceton, cheers for the correction, and for sharing your copy... the album was up on another blog eighteen months or so ago... can't remember which blog now, not one i use any more, no idea if the link is still active! but of course that was mp3 only, anyway...

gilhodges said...

Two spectacular offerings. Black Arthur Blythe has one of the most distinctive saxophone sounds ever. A vibrato so wide open you could drive a Datsun through it. When he signed with CBS ("Lenox Avenue Breakdown" is a fine slice of wax), the label made him drop the "Black" from his moniker.

The Tapscott record is simply one of the best recordings ever made. The title track is a close as you'll come to anthem for 1969 as experienced by a particular portion of the US population. Iconic.


Thank you two times.

Boromir said...

Thanks serviceton and sortise for the great Tapscott recording.

bongomccongo said...

thankyou serviceton and Sotise, wonderful Tapscott. he is starting to get his due. there was a book out recently about him and the L.A scene - can't remember the name right now .

serviceton said...

The book is (appropriately enough) called 'The Dark Tree' , with a subtitle "Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles". It's author is Steve Isoardi.
There is also Horace Tapscott's own book entitled 'Songs of the Unsung'
A flat-out wonderful musician.

htakat said...

thanks for this wonderful Tapscott

matt w said...

About "Giant is awakened" on CD -- a long time ago RCA Novus released a CD called "West Coast Hot" which is all of the Giant is Awakened and 4 out of 5 tracks from a John Carter/Bobby Bradford album on Revelation Records from the same time (not the one that was reissued on Hat Hut) -- but it's very out of print and is $40 on Amazon. But if you see it in a store, take a close look.

Thanks for the posts!

serviceton said...

matt w, you're nearly spot-on.
Except the John Carter / Bobby Bradford record that was added to the 'West Coast Hot' CD (to accompany The Giant is Awakened) was 'Flight For Four' on the Flying Dutchman label.
But yes, they left off one track, 'Domino'.
If there's interest, I could post the complete record.

2 records were released on Revelation Records by the Carter / Bradford group.
The 1st, from 1969 and credited to the New Art Jazz Ensemble was entitled 'Seeking' and is the record that was re-released by HatArt on the early 90's.

The *other* Revelation LP came out in 1972, and is titled "Secrets'. It's never been put on CD, which is a pity as it's a warm & intelligent jazz record.

Here it is in FLAC
Secrets - John Carter / Bobby Bradford

bongomccongo said...

thanks sotise for the heads up on the giant ... and thanks everyone

ghostrancedance said...

Many thanks to both of you for these superb shares! This has always been one of my favorite Blythe bands. Years ago I had the vinyl too (a discerning thief ripped it off back in the 1990s). The Tapscott is new to me and most welcomed; I'd only read about it previous to these posts. Thanks again!!!!!

el goog said...

Hi sotise
We start 'India Navigation Discography' and made a link to this post.
If you do not want it, please tell me so.
Keep it up and thank you in advance again.


Cosmo Vitelli said...

Hi. First of all THANK YOU and you all for this music and all these interesting notes.

Then: I long have that Tapscott/Carter Brandford 'West Coast Hot' RCA-Novus cd. If there's any interest anybody, give me some clue about how could I share it with you.


chronwell said...

Good lookin to sotise ans servietron for this brilliant black classic al music!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much!

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup Sotise!
Pour ton excellent blog et pour cet album d'Arthur Blythe qui me rend complètement fou avec ce trombone obsédant à l'arrière.

Au plaisir.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Lee said...

Having revisited Blythe on the Grip and Metamorphoses post, I'd love to see a re-up of this and Giant Is Awakened, if possible. Thanks, as always.

Bmwblu said...

Hello sol,
the Busy Baby LP is terribly interesting but the link doesn't work any longer. It would be a great gift for all of us if you could share the material again. BTW, you should know that Arthur is now suffering Parkinson disease, and there is a fund raising web page. I just donated what I can.
Jazz fanatics I wish you all a nice December.

kinabalu said...

New link:


Only too happy to respond to this request. I went to see Blythe and Stewart many years ago and I had them sign/dedicate my own copy of Blythe Spirit. I remember Blythe looking at the picture of himself on the back cover and saying "I was much younger then."

-Otto- said...

Thank you for the re-up, kinabalu!

apf said...

Thank you!

steve said...

Very nice kinabalu. Thanks for sharing this listen!!!

Chris said...

Thanks kinabalu for the re-up, I have been looking for a good copy of this for quite awhile.

teamster said...

Thank you, kinabalu!

francisco santos said...


Brush&Stick said...

Thanks so much!