2 June 2008

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Cologne, May 1989

While you're waiting for the Circle concert to appear, here is something to continue the AACM theme that has been unfolding here recently - a beautiful concert lasting just under two hours.

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Stadtgarten, Cologne
8th May, 1989

Edward Wilkerson - as, ts, cl, bcl, perc, p
Joseph Bowie - tb, cga, perc
Kahil El'Zabar - sanza, dr, earth-dr, fl, perc, voc

1. - 14:21
2. - 18:59
3. - 11:26
4. - 24:06

5. - 12:46
6. - 07:15
7. - 18:49
8. - 11:08

I like the way this music pulses in repeated waves, hence the image. Many thanks to boldsouls, the seeder on dime, and source of much sublime music.


Tantris said...


FLAC or MP3? I can't remember, to be honest.

Boromir said...

Thanks for this tantris. Ethnic Heritage is one of El'Zabar's long running projects (formed in the 70s, still recording occasionally). For this much music, likely to be MP3 I'd think.

Slothrop said...

Thanks, Tantris. This is a terrific contribution. As a Chicago guy, It's exciting to see a lot of the less-heralded AACM stuff get pushed into the limelight. It's also nice to get some more Ed Wilkerson. He's under-documented, and the kind of player who goes under-appreciated -- he's neither fish nor fowl, too free to be picked up by the inside folks, but traditional and lyrical enough that out-fans often overlook him. The trio format, which gives him lots of space, is a real plus.

kinabalu said...

Splendid! Let's keep the AACM flag flying, shall we? I'm not nearly done, myself, but one thing at a time, eh?

I saw a EHE record in town yesterday, on the Sound Aspects label. Anybody recall ... ahem ... ?

Tantris said...

Is it one of the recordings listed here?;


GBML said...

I got the boths rituals with lester directly by Sound Aspects 4 or 5 months ago

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this.

Kahil El'Zabar is one of my favorites. I've seen him live many, many times, and he is always intense and cool.

Those Sound Aspects recordings are excellent and also rather hard to come by these days (I think). If you ever see El'Zabar's Sound Aspects recording entitled "Another Kind of Groove" (with Billy Bang and Malachi Favors) hop on it -- it is outstanding.

GBML said...

@nad3170 & baromir ...I WOULD LIKE TO JOY Church Number 9 whow works it?

@ Anonymous
The "Another Kind of Groove" was listed as LP on the sound aspects list too contact the guys out at
soundaspects@gmx.de or .com or .net
(i don't remember well now)


I'm looking for the EHE "Impressions" it was on a italian label (red?) sofar i remenber.
Any chance of a upload?

kinabalu said...


yes, it's one called "Sacred Love", recorded in 1985 (with Lester Bowie). While there, I picked up another one, unknown to me, on the hunch it might be good. It's called "Taro's Mood" by Terumasa Hino, on the Enja lable from 1973. The little I've heard so far sounds promising. Plus a Howard Riley solo piano record from 1984, "For Four on Two Two". Can't find any online info about it. Hmmm ...

centrifuge said...

GBML, c#9 is no more, has been no more for months and months now. the page itself was closed off to prevent us from having to trawl through the entire site removing live links - that's all! there has no been no activity on it since atanase's farewell post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dudes

thanks very much for this sharing!
New Ensemble to my ears, splendid!

People, i need your Help:

i'm looking for the very first Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra, on SABA label. Today is a rare OOP only for collector.

Also i recommend to listen to the last episodie of Jazz on 3, BBC radio3. You cant go wrong with this!

best regards, Enrique.

the doc said...

proper that you think of waves because that rock structure is called "The Wave". It's located near the Utah-Arizona border and is cross-bedded Navajo sandstone with very cool red and orange liesegang banding. All in all a very cool place!!

the doc

Tantris said...

That is indeed where I took the photograph - we've been to the Wave twice now - the Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Staircase Escalante are extraordinary places to explore.

GBML said...

@centrifuge oh ok. thanks is on this net world a blog dedicated only to the braxton music? sheers

centrifuge said...

GBML - are you kidding? click on my name ;-)

if you mean a blog with album files etc - no, there isn't... but quite a lot of the man's stuff is kicking around the net in one place or another, drop me a comment in my place if you want to discuss this any further - sorry, i only saw your comment a few days after it was left

gd said...

does anyone have the ethnic heritage ensemble's 'three gentlemen from chicago' on the moers music label?
id really love to hear that.

thanks for posting this live set, its excellent.

Anonymous said...

Yesssss, Impressions was an awesome LP, probably the best I ever heard from Ethnic Heritage. Unfortunately I cannot find it either. I have an old recording on my Revox, but haven't used it for a decade.

Forest carpet said...

Bump this, if anyone has any way of getting hold of the impressions lp i really wanna hear it

Forest carpet said...

http://www.mediafire.com/?42ud69bsx7e16u5 PHWOAR

Anonymous said...

new links for Cologne performance (mp3):



by the way, if anybody knows is there any stuff of EHE with Kalaparusha on a board except their Leo's record?


Andy said...

Igor. Many thanks for doing this. It's nice accompaniment for me having a tidy up at home. Lovely.

Nick said...

Thanks Igor