28 May 2008

Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory - Radio Broadcast 1997

Roscoe Mitchell' s Note Factory
The Knitting Factory NYC
June 16 1997

Roscoe Mitchell reeds, flutes
George Lewis trombone
Hugh Ragin trumpet
Mathew Shipp piano
Craig Taborn Piano
William Parker Bass
Tani Tabal Drums
Gerard Cleaver Drums
Jaribu Shahid Bass

This was broadcast on radio WKCR concurrently with the live performance as part of the NYC jazz festival, so it's totally unedited. The first track consists of a lot of shuffling about and warming up before the band get to work on track 2.

The above photo is from a more recent version of the Note Factory, but should give some idea of what the band looked like.

After the end of the concert, the announcer mentions that the following concert is Noah Howard. That would be great to listen to if anyone has it.

The files I downloaded from dime are of SHN file extension, which I think is a lossless format used on MAC. I found some freeware to convert to mp3, but if anyone can tell me how to convert to flac, I could post them later.

Thanks to "abbcccus" for seeding.


Boromir said...

Link (high quality VBR)


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

thank you very much for sharing this recording on Roscoe Mitchell.

Here you can find an interesting recording on ICP. Fragmets (ICP 005) Instant Composers Pool,1970:


ps: Vinyl rip; high quality,Lame.


Kike :)

Boromir said...

Kike, thanks very much for sharing your vinyl rip with us. I'm sure it will be very much appreciated here.

centrifuge said...

looks good! thanks boromir, and thanks also to kike for that latest little bonus :)

Anonymous said...

Hi People

here another interesting recording, Horace Tapscott "The Call" ( 1978)



best, Kike :)

ps: Lame, 192 kbps;

Anonymous said...


Hunt about on the web and you'll find a neat little program called MKW compression tool, which will convert shn files to wav. From there I imagine wav to flac is a doddle.

Tantris said...

Hi Boromir - I also found this on dime, and converted the shn files to flac using XAct, which is available as a free download.

Great concert, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Tantris: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand XAct is only for Mac users. MKW (free, by the way) worked perfectly for me in Windows. But then I don't know what platform Boromir is using. Tra la la.

nad3170 said...

Just as a note, shn is not a format used specifically on MAC, it is simply what was used for file sharing before the introduction of the more performant flac format. Back in the days of the Direct Connect hubs etc it was the norm.


Boromir said...

Thanks for info guys.

Flac version:-


sotise said...

thanks boromir this looks like a beautiful concert, i see this blog is really cooking...

centrifuge said...

i really enjoyed this. the three long tracks can all be found on the note factory album *nine to get ready* (ecm): mitchell announces at the end of the second file that the first piece was "bessie harris" and the next will be "leola". the third (i.e. the fourth file) was easily identifiable from a sound sample online as "hop hip bip bir rip". not sure about the shorter piece at the end.

the announcer's quiet, understated ecstasy at the end is lovely :) and the concert's hugely enjoyable and (as always with mitchell) interesting and challenging, the guy never gives you an easy ride. also, that album looks as if it suffers from having to render very short versions of all the pieces - can't really explore any of them, just leave all the implications in the listener's imagination. needless to say, with a line-up like this, it's preferable to hear longer versions where the musicians can stretch their legs and really get into something.

in "hop hip bip bir rip" mitchell seems to complete the "two bands in one" idea (two brass, two full r-sections) by supplying a "two saxes" illusion using circ. breathing - it's not fully realised of course, but it's there and it works pretty well i reckon. worked for me, anyway :)

thanks again!

GBML said...

Thanks for the Roscoe boromir!

More tapscott here: