5 April 2008

Cecil Taylor - Yoshi's, December 1998

Thanks to glmlr for this music - three complete consecutive nights of Cecil Taylor (solo, and in quartet and sextet) at Yoshi's, Oakland, California in December 1998. The music is outstanding.

Details are:-

4th December, 1998

Cecil Taylor Quartet 
Cecil Taylor - piano 
Joe Locke - vibraphone 
Santi Debriano - bass 
Jackson Krall - drums 

1. Set I (60.34)
2. Set II (65.16)

5th December, 1998

Cecil Taylor Sextet / Quartet 

Cecil Taylor - piano/voice 
Joe Locke - vibraphone 
Santi Debriano - bass 
Jackson Krall - drums 
Oluyemi Thomas - bass clarinet (set I) 
Ijeoma Thomas - voice (set I) 

1. Set I/1 (voices intro) (3.57)
2. Set I/2 (14.16)
3. Set I/3 (25.10)
4. Set I/4 (18.46)

5. Set II/1 (24.45)
6. Set II/2 (12.55)

6th December, 1998

Cecil Taylor - Solo, Quartet, Sextet

Cecil Taylor - piano, voice
Joe Locke - vibraphone
Santi Debriano - bass
Jackson Krall - drums

Olyemi Thomas - bass clarinet
Ijeoma Thomas - voice

1. Cecil Taylor solo (16.30)
2. Jackson Krall drum solo (2.53)
3. Santi Debriano bass solo (7.02)
4. Quartet - 1 (18.52)
5. Quartet - 2 (27.09)
6. Quartet - 3 (13.43)
7. Sextet - 1 (60.22)
8. Sextet - 2 (30.09)


Tantris said...

MP3 @ 320 (flac's would take too long to upload, I'm afraid);

4th December

5th December

6th December


BondiUrbano said...

Tantris: Este es el post más impresionante que recuerdo. Gracias por compartirlo. En serio, pocas veces se publican cosas asi. Ojalá puedas continuar en esta línea.

Abrazo desde Buenos Aires,


sambeck2001 said...

Thank you, glmlr and Tantris

Rod Warner said...

thanks! Didn't know this set...

Anonymous said...

First shout out on this goes to Glmlr -- Good God, what other jewels are you sitting on? The mind reels.

There is never, ever enough Cecil. And I hate to say it, but the man probably won't be with us that much longer. It's always wonderful to see new wrinkles in what he does, beause if there's anything underapreciated about him, it's his range.

Thank you, gents!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Slothrop. Indeed there are more goodies in the cupboard!

I've been hoping for many weeks that either Sotise or Tantris will up the CT Unit (i.e. with Lyons & Cyrille) "Live in Berlin" 6th November 1975 set, which I've sent to each of them. It's a cracker - a sort of update on "Akisakila". I'd hate to see it collect dust!

Tantris said...

OK, here is the CT Unit set that glmlr has kindly provided;


and here is another (!) from glmlr - a marvellous solo concert from Cologne on 28th August, 1988 - i.e. just a few weeks after the watershed Berlin festival;


The number of downloads is quite high for the Yoshi set, and it would be great to get some feedback on what you think - it's unusual to find Cecil in the company of a vibe player!

SOTISE said...

firstly ,thank you for these.

its also very unusual to hear santi debriano playing with cecil, in fact ive never come across him in this area of the music at all , he's generally associated with hard bop.

SOTISE said...

the berlin trio set with lyons and cyrille coming up! soon im ripping it now.

Rod Warner said...

... just had to come back and say WOW! Thanks again for some brilliant music - been playing the quartet with Joe Locke over and over...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, gentlemen. Glmlr -- you certainly know how to respond graciously to a compliment.

Sadly, life circumstances these days conspire to limit the amount of time I have to listen closely to much of anything. Like Tantris, I'm curious about the Quartet and Sextet configurations, and the vibes player. If anybody's still interested in a few days, I'll share my thoughts and see what everyone else thinks.

ghostrancedance said...

Many thanks! I've been aching to hear what Joe Locke sounds like with Cecil for a long time. Now I'll know...

hulaboy said...


Tomo el chef said...

Ay.....Its not found...
Que lastima!

Anonymous said...

The flac addresses for Rapidshare don't seem to be working. Have the files been deleted? If so, a real pity as this would be marvelous. I think there's a taster in the CT DVD "All of the Notes" where part of these sets is shown. Colin

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

This is my greedy week - please someone help with these recordings as well!

mew23 said...

New links for Cecil Taylor at Yoshi's, December 1988
(repack of the original files)


and Cecil Taylor solo, Cologne 1988, as a single archive


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Great!! Thank you mew23 for your help.
Also my appreciation for your 'extra' Taylor Concert.
Vielen Dank... :-)

martin said...

Thank you mew23, this is wonderful, marvellous and incredible. It would be even better if I could get it to work. I click the download button and all that happens is that the page rewrites itself.

Please help.

mew23 said...

onxidlib, thanks for the flowers :-)

sorry, I have no idea why the download doesn't work for you - maybe a browser issue? Using Firefox or IE I have no problems starting a download from 1fichier.

However I forgot to mention that here is a minor problem with the Cologne files. Flac reports an error while decoding the second file so you have to use the -F option on the flac command line or "decode through errors" with the
flac frontend for windows. You can hear a glitch at 21:57 min that was already reported after the original post at:

martin said...

Sorry, my fault, I hadn't clicked the 'Secure SSL version' button first.

chrisc said...

Thank you Mew23 for the re-up.

lee said...

Mew23, I can't thank you enough for bringing these back. I lost the files years ago and have really missed these shows. One of my favorite CT performances!

martin said...

Hello, mew23, me again, a bucketful of thanks for these. Re. the glitch, as far as I can hear, it hasn't subtracted any sound but only added a space - which can be deleted. So I did.

Is this OK? (If not, I can take it off)


matt w said...

Thanks for the re-up! I've only had time to listen to a little, but it's interesting to hear Locke with Taylor.

Anonymous said...

man, the Live in Cologne set is incredible -- it really deserves its own standalone post. hard to argue that there was a better year for CT than 1988. anyway, thanks.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks, many thanks mew23 for re-up these wonderful recordings of a true master!

DRONSZ said...

Could somebody please reup the FLAC files?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Here a reformatting of mew23 reup from some time ago:

New links for Cecil Taylor at Yoshi's, December 1988
(repack of the original files)




and Cecil Taylor solo, Cologne 1988, as a single archive


DRONSZ said...

Thanks a lot. The music is great, but if somebody have the original lossless files... This set deserves FLAC, not mp3.