4 April 2008

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Eda Wobu

Since we got a little AACM flood going here, I thought I'd chip in with this one. This one has always remained a bit of mystery in the AOEC discography. It's listed as released on the JMY label, but very hard to come by these days. Found this on the fine free jazz group on Usenet and thanks to "Tom F." for putting it up in the first place.
What you get here is one close to fifty minute slab of Paris 69 AEOC in the original quartet format. Regular listeners to Paris-period AEOC would know what to expect. This has to my knowledge not been out in any other form(at) before, so it fills in a hole for those of us who do not like any holes in our AEOC collection.
It nicely complements the earlier posting of the Smith-Jarman-Mitchell concert from 2000, so listeners are advised to draw comparisons across time and space.
Dig in!


kinabalu said...
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Tantris said...

Super - downloading now, thanks. I hope that the Nessa box is reissued soon.

I have a 1978 AEC concert from Croatia, if it is of interest.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

thanks for each album. I really would like to hug you all comrades. Anyone heard the Art Ensemble of Africa group toured in spring 2000?
line up was:
Famadou Don Moye - Sun Percıssion
Roscoe Mitchell - reeds
Malachi Favors - bass
Ari Brown - reeds, fl, pno
Joe Leguabe - perc., keyb., vocal, dance
Magauwane Mahloel - fl., vocal, perc., dance
Habib Koite - vocal, guitar
Kélétegui Diabaté - balaphone
China Phashe - trombone, cond.

AmakhonoWe Sintu Choir :
Herbert Mashishi, Nhlanhla Zwane, Joel Kubheka, Jabu Mguni, Jackson Dhludhlu, Dipuo Mothemane, Moipone Motaung, Nkele Mathibela, Thembi Nodada, Wheleminah Motsumi

I attended the concert and I can not forget this performance.

And also tantris, come on, it is a must for everyone, please...
best and thanks to you all

kinabalu said...


I'm sure you can go ahead with that AEOC one. I've got that one plus five others from Dime recently, but won't mind you doing the Croatia concert. Actually, Ljubljana is in neigbouring Slovenia, not in Croatia so the poster (or someone else) got their geography mixed up there.

Tantris said...

Hi Volkan;

Here's the '78 concert from Ljubljana:-

Art Ensemble of Chicago
Ljubljana Kino Union - 31st May, 1978

Lester Bowie tp
Roscoe Mitchell reeds
Joseph Jarman reeds
Malachi Favors b
Don Moye dr, perc

1) Dreaming of the master, into untitled improv.
2) Ja, into untitled improv.

M)3 @ 320:-


Cheers, T

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kinabalu. The recording date for this is given as "10.5.69", and I never managed to learn if that means 10th May or 5th October. Does anyone happen to know?

sambeck2001 said...

thank you for this, kinabalu.

Thank you, Tantris, too.

BTW: I'm running my own blog now. I have posted there the Braxton Quartet, live in Moers 1974.


Volkan Terzioglu said...

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated, still downloading and very enthusiastic...
Any one heard any recording of this above stated Art Ensemble of Africa, please?

nad3170 said...

A little late but thanks Kinabalu, managed to do a quick listen this afternoon while cleaning up this appartment (I know, not very appropriate!) and this record seems great, in the style I prefer with the Art Ensemble. Made me want to listen again to "People In Sorrow".


camilink said...

the second liks (http://rapidshare.com/files/104819050/Art_Ensemble_of_Chicago_-_Eda_Wobu.part2.rar
) is deleted. can you post it again?


kinabalu said...


looks like the second file was deleted by mistake; here's the entire thing uploaded again in one compressed file:


camilink said...

thanks kinabalu for the repost! sorry for the delay in answer you. i love this guys. i also love roscoe mitchell and his solo saxophone concerts or a duo with braxton or with his creative orchestra.

thanks again!

troods said...

My deep gratitude for this music. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your 2009 re-up still works! Thanks!

DW said...

kinabalu, it seems that rapidshare has embraced the sunset. Would it be possible to re-up this?

kinabalu said...

New link:


Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu for the link!

DW said...

kinabalu, thank you!

unitstructure said...

Thanks for the share.Favors sounds like two bassists.

bho wani said...

Great ! many thanks, Kinabalu !