28 July 2007

Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Release (1968) 192 LAME

BOROMIR SAYS ' For sol then, how about Mike Westbrooks's Release, which is about the only one of his that's OOP, It's a longtime favourite of mine. ITS A VINYL RIP,at 192 kbps (that was the norm a year or so ago).
Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Release (1968)
Mike Westbrook: piano John Surman: Baritone sax Mike Osbourne: alto Bernie Living: alto Nisar Ahmed (George) Khan: tenor Dave Holdsworth: trumpet/flugelhorn Malcolm Griffiths: trombone Paul Rutherford: trombone Harry Miller: bass Alan Jackson: drums
Most of these players went onto well-documented careers, but there are two enigmatic characters among them:-Bernie Living, who has a style similar to Kaoru Abe, and George Khan, who, to me, has more than a passing resemblence to Albert Ayler. I think both of these guys became lost to rock - Living was last heard of in a Manfred Mann band, and Khan in a jazz rock group called Sold Gold Cadillac. I can find no trace of either of them after the early 70s. What a waste of talent !
thanks for this b,it looks great!!
buy mike westbrook albums, hes one of the major composers in postwar jazz, and the british scene.


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