27 July 2007

walt dickerson- solo live , dorchester mass dec 10 1979 FLAC and LAME

heres a great sounding audience recording, by master vibist walt dickerson
dickerson deserves to be much better known than he is, having recorded the acknowledged masterpiece "to my queen" in 1963
with andrew hill and andrew cyrille ,he went on to make lots of great records.
the first dickerson album i ever heard was the wonderful trio "life rays" on soul note, again with longstanding collaborators lisle atkinson on bass and master percussionist andrew cyrille on drums.
i thought i did'nt like jazz vibraphone at all until i heard walt's message, and a little later bobby naughton's essential contributions to leo smith's 'go in numbers, he budding of a rose and spirit catcher'.
i had heard gary burton, and later bobby hutcherson and didn't really appreciate them at the time.
here's a bare bones bio from wikipedia
Walter Roland Dickerson(born April 16, 1928 or 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a jazz vibraphone player most associated with post-bop.
He graduated from Morgan State University in 1953 and after two years in the Army he settled in California. There he started to gain attention leading a band with Andrew Hill and Andrew Cyrille, but it was his later time in New York City that earned him full notice. In 1962 Downbeat named him the best new artist. In NYC he also worked with John Coltrane and Sun Ra acted as his sideman. From 1965 to 1975 he took a break from jazz, but later he worked again with Andrew Hill and Sun Ra.
there is no dickerson website, fan site and otherwise precious little about him at all.
the wikipedia bio falls short, and even the post bop tag seems an easy catch all.
dickerson is unique and has a very original style, its percussive , luminous and conceptually very abstract.
this is a wonderful concert, the sound quality is superb for the day, (almost soundboard quality).
buy walt dickerson discs, there are now quite a few available on soulnote/blacksaint, prestige/ojc, and steeplechase.
i'd especially recommend, gemini, peace, and life rays.
see comments for both mp3 and flac links.


sotise said...

Dickerson solo live
Mp3- 220 http://rapidshare.com/files/45278551/waltlive.rar

1) http://rapidshare.com/files/45309257/walt_live.part1.rar
2) http://rapidshare.com/files/45319684/walt_live.part2.rar
3) http://rapidshare.com/files/45323866/walt_live.part3.rar

Seth Watter said...


if you could help me out with the Van Hove that would be sooo perfect. I'm not a member of Grown So Ugly, though...

The linkage will be returned, of course.


glmlr said...

A great find! And a great post! Thank you!

glmlr said...

In case anyone is hesitating, the difference between the mp3 and flac downloads here is truly staggering! The overtones of the vibes are simply so very delicate.

HUGE thanks to Sotise for this marvellous recording, and the glorious ease of direct download!

Anonymous said...

stu·pen·dous (stū-pĕn'dəs, styū-)
Of astounding force, volume, degree, or excellence; marvelous.
Amazingly large or great; huge.

actuel said...

not only is the recording and share tops, but that pic playing in front of all that vinyl is rad.

Frédito said...

Merci Sotise, superbe. Quelle qualité sonore, en effet. A un moment, j'ai cru entendre une flute en plus du vibraphone :o)


Peter said...

Hey, thanks very much for putting this terrific show on the web. I have a rudimentary Dickerson disco on my website: http://www.plosin.com/milesAhead/walt.aspx

Wish there were more live material from this master musician...

orleyfarm said...
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arshille said...

hello sotise - just a quick line to thank you
for the effort you put into posting this wonderful music -
best wishes from arshille

hookfinger said...

Thank you for this one. Having just discovered the joys of Dickerson, and remember seeing this all in the same week is crazy. But Thanks again.

C said...

This is definitely from Worcester, MA, not Dorchester. Presented by the Worcester Artists Group.
Nice show! They put on manyconcerts over the years.

bluebird said...

Delighted to find this live WD still here. Many thanks.
I don't know of any non-commercial recordings of his so this must be quite rare.
Great FLAC quality too.

Hank said...

In case anyone finds their way to this post and would like to learn more about the great Walt Dickerson, you can find the full transcript of a 2003 interview I conducted with him here: http://darkforcesswing.blogspot.com/2008/05/rip-walt-dickerson.html

giappyc said...

Cuold you re-upload this one, please!!!

serviceton said...

I fondly remember this as being a 2007 I.S. highlight - a wonderful concert !
Here's a new link

duck said...

A Real pity that the RS links are dead. Now i know i am too late.

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

One more upload of this, pretty please for late arrivals??

onxidlib said...

I've moved the RS link into the public folder, now it should work.

SOTISE said...

for those who no longer do RS

JC said...

Thanks for the repost or reminder.

actuelly said...

oh no! these zippys expired and you must be fed up with re-upping this one by now...only, everyone agrees it's so great...--sotise, if you can face it, i'd love to find out too.