8 July 2007


heres one im very pleased to be able to share .
i dont know much about this record at all, and cant find anything out, by checking the web.
L.d levy, who plays bass clarinet, flute and alto sax on this is a real mystery.
i suspect its either a pseudonym , or as glmlr has suggested to me ,that he was a student of richard davis.
richard davis is one of the great virtuosi bassists in the music, some one who has played with everyone from, kenny burrell , andrew hill, eric dolphy ,jaki byard, booker ervin, don freidman to stravinsky .
he also played with many in the post free continuum anthony braxton, steve lacy ,david murray , roscoe mitchell,and beyond, making many great albums of his own as a leader, for muse king records(japan) hep, and diw among them.
jd levy sounds very much like eric dolphy at times on this , and on the whole the project is somewhat reminicent of the alan douglas produced "conversations session" by dolphy in duet with richard davis.
richard davis here plays incredibly freely throughout, and he makes levy sound great, in fact rather than mere support or underpinning, davis provides most of the textural interest on this album.
levy's probably playing out of his skin as a result.
this is ripped from vinyl in good nick, i bought it new though slightly water damaged 23 years ago.
please come forward if you have any info whatsoever ,about either l.d. levy or the session as a whole.
this was released on a lable calling itself "corvo" operating out of milwakee, ive looked hard for info but could come up with only one thing, its listed in richard davis discog.
i think this may well be the only album ever released on corvo.
wonderful chamber "free -jazz" links in comments

buy richard davis discs
and check out his homepage here.

heres his discog http://www.richarddavis.org/bio/disc.htm

postscript- having just gone through richard davis extensive discog, i see that there's another corvo release, by ld levy called" the eagle and the king"


sotise said...
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Boromir said...

There is a JED Levy who plays reeds, born 1958 so would be about the right age. There's no evidence to suggest it's the same guy though. A very interesting recording.

Reza said...

sotise ....have only got under milkwood by stan tracey which i imagine you may already have as it his a classic so here is one of my fave brit jazz albums for yo .....flare up by harry beckett from 1970


sotise said...

thanks reza,
sweet of you no ,i dont have it.
but i like lowther a lot, the relatively little ive heard many thanks!
undermilkwood is great, ill get some tracey ripped sometime

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

damn, this is a rare one. thanks!

Peter said...

He's almost as virtuoso as his twin brother Ed Levy, isn't he ... :D

soro said...

L.D. Levy stands for Larry Levy a Milwaukee based multi-instrumentalist(o.a. bassclarinet,piano,cello;drums) and a well known playwriter (1955)

In the eighties he toured Europe extensively including concerts at Jazzfestivals in Pisa, Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen and Willisau. He played with Lol Coxhill, Burton Greene, Beaver Harris, Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry, Joe McPhee and Richard Davis among others. For a short while he was part of the dutch jazz scene in 1980-1981.

In the late seventies/ begin eighties he made three records for Corvo a Milwaukee Jazzlabel:

1. Corvo (with Richard Davis)
2. The Eagle and the King
3. the Invisble Man

After that he issued a solo album on the Pearl label called "Ring".
Followed by two cd's on the same label:

- Pesthigo blues
- Cedillia

Besides these albums there is a lot of recorded work on EP's (TSS-records) and cassettes, which are very hard to find nowadays.

Cauldorn was his first album. Levy developped into a diverse muscian, who played different styles of music including working with string quartets exploring the music of modern composers such as Penderecki, Berio,Schönberg & Nono.

For any further info, contact soro

soro said...

L.D. Levy can be contacted on



øשlqæda said...

reup? :)

onxidlib said...

I will reup it - soon.

øשlqæda said...

thanks onxi :)

onxidlib said...
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øשlqæda said...

my sincere thanks to both of you :)
i wonder if there's any hope for the eagle & the king

simon smith said...

I have The Eagle and the King, and Invisible Man, on great condition vinyl. I'll up them some time.

bARt said...

LD Levy:

bARt said...

Anybody knows where to get LD Levy digital? My casette-tapes are history :(
I am especially interested in the album "Figure" (1990) with Vince Coleman, JAck Martinsen and Hetty van Reynen

ooftü said...

Is it possible to re-up this piece? Loving the new richard davis, and I'm always down to find out about Milwaukee artists!!!!!

onxidlib said...
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ooftü said...

thank you onxidlib!!

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib! A real rare one...

correct silence said...

Holidays is always the time to re-discover good music. I have missed it first but fortunately the link is still working. A great duo that is not exactly close to the Dolphy/davis one even if comparison comes to mind. The web site of the artist seems no more accessible, if someone in our followers or contributors have is two others records, it would be great to share them.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Bhowani said...

My belated thanks, Ernst!

correct silence said...

This has just been reissued on Bandcamp in company of his second lp "The eagle and the king"