7 July 2007


Well! With a Great new look to the blog!!
& some superb albums from Sotise & Boromir.
I’m now playing catch up! So I thought I would
Bring you a couple of albums from my collection.


Luna - Space Swell

1967 Arehoolie Records - Berkeley California
Private Press (USA)
Sound Engineer - Bob DeSousa
Production - Chris Strachwitz

Track List;

A1: Space Swell (5:18)

A2: Moon & Flag Polka (4:38)

A3: We'll Think Of That, Later (5:54)

A4: Nisaba In The Grass (4:58)

B1: Twin Bass Bass (6:02)

B2: Warp (6:54)

B3: Paraphernalia (6:24)

Highly Recommended!!
That’s all I have to say about this one.
But please do let me know what you think?

Vinyl Rip @ 256kbps

Download Link in the comments.
Click on the post title to access.



Flux'us said...
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Boromir said...

My tastes are perhaps a little more conservative than your's and sotise's, but I really enjoyed this one. Many thanks flux'us.
There's very little information about any of these guys on the net.

sotise said...

many thanks for this fluxus.
its good music, i also thoroughly enjoyed it.
sounds like they liked cecils then recent blue note albums,it also somehow evoked kagel and stockhausen's more improvised pieces from that time, but then stocks ,the cycle of the seven days is from a year or so later.
thats not to imply this music is derivative.
it feels like a take on freejazz, by students who were versed in or interested in the avant guard(euro chamber and orchestral) music of their time.

sotise said...

and the record cover's something else!

hideo said...

some very intriguing posts--thanks guys!

absurd said...

zillion thanks for that.. is of the cases that at a certain point & certain time sold this record (bought ages ago for almost nothing kinda 5euros) and regret for it much later...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this
your blog is a feast for curiosity!

cakewalk said...

If anyone is interested, Arhoolie sells original copies on their site for $20.

mew23 said...

New link [mp3]

corsil said...

If someone have the flac version it would be great?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Oh - thank you, mew23 - unexpected swift reaction from you. Appreciated!

correct silence said...

Finally downloaded the mp3 version and the sound is great, probably due to the fact that Aroolie lp have a good pressing and the sound quality is great, thank you Mew23 and thanks also Ernst for this smart request.