11 April 2007


Vibracathedral Orchestra - Hot Booty! Live 1999

Early CDR release on VHF
Excellent dense drones from one of the best UK underground acts.

1, Thirteenth Note
2, Adelphi
3, Woodhouse Community
4, Trinity St David
5, Chillingham

Music By;
Bridget Hayden
Adam Davenport
Julian Bradley
Neil Campbell
Michael Flower

Recorded in Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle; during 1999.
Complete with pipe organ, recorded in a squatted church on
Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Cover scans are in the rar file, riped @ 256kbps.

More Info Here.

Download Here.

Mauricio Kagel – Exotica - DG 2530251 (Germany, 1970)

Any serious collector of Avant Garde music should have a copy of this album

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Kagel proved to be one of the most versatile, creative, and witty composers to come of age in the second half of the twentieth century. He studied piano, theory, violoncello, organ, singing, and conducting, and was self-taught as a composer. Kagel also studied philosophy and literature extensively during his college years, and his career eventually included film and drama. Fittingly, then, one can find in Kagel's output elements ranging from surrealism to expressionism to musique concrète to Dada to aleatoria. Even his earliest works exhibit this experimental attitude. However it is Exotica that remains his most accessible and collectable work.

Cover scan are in the rar file, riped @ 256kbps.

Download Here;

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H&H said...

Wow, Vibracathedral Orchestra, what a beauty ; I never heard of them. And knowing the place of the gig adds to the listening pleasure. Thanks so much for this, I now go look after infos on this bunch.