12 April 2007

reggie workman,andrew cyrille, Juhani Aaltonen ,live at St Peter's Church, New York, on 10th December 2006

another one from boromirs ,collection of recent broadcasts.
reggie workman and andrew cyrille are among the most important musicians to emerge in the 1960's
theyve both played with practicaly everyone of any note, in both mainstream jazz and improv contexts...
workman was for a time a member of john coltranes early sixties quartet, also from that period playing on very important albums by wayne shorter, lee morgan(search for a new land, one of morgans most exploratory records)joe henderson and so forth
in the early eighties workman seems to have done the opposite of what most players of his generation chose to do, in finding ever more challenging contexts , making an extraordinary run of albums under his own name for leo records and also the ny based postcards lable, culminating in one of the great free jazz albums of the late 20th century
summit meeting, with sam rivers, andrew hill, julian priester and pheeroan aklaff.
apart from those workman has on an off played with marilyn crispell, and contributed to a fine string of her records , on leo and music and arts...
master drummer andrew cyrille, started his recording career, with coleman hawkins ,and
walt dickerson, before playing on cecil taylors pioneering blue note lps,conquistador and unit structures and then going on to play and record with taylor for a further dozen years.
cyrille made 2 stunning albums on black saint with jimmy lyons in the late seventies as well as the essential album 'nuba'with both lyons and jeanne lee.
since then hes worked with david murray, oliver lake, irene schweitzer, peter brotzmann, anthony braxton and john tchicai among others.
juhani aaltonen i know very little about,exept that ive heard him on edward vesalas record's
so heres a little something from his website here
JUHANI AALTONEN, who started his musical career in the late 1950s, has been a big idol and role model for about every younger Finnish saxophone player. In the 1960s he played with the modernists of the time, ao. with Edward Vesala, Otto Donner, Heikki Sarmanto and Seppo "Baron" Paakkunainen. In 1968 he received the Georgie Award from The Finnish Jazz Federation.
In early 1970s Aaltonen joined Tasavallan Presidentti (The President of the Republic), a legendary (jazz)rock group led by the guitarist Jukka Tolonen. In 1974 he was one of the musicians founding UMO Jazz Orchestra. Internationally he played ao. with Graham Collier Big Band and, most noteworthy, with the Norwegian Arild Andersen Quartet which made two albums for ECM in the late 1970s.
Though Aaltonen appears on a great number of albums, the albums of his own have been rare, especially after Prana (w. Reggie Workman and Edward Vesala on Vesala’s Leo Records, 1981). The debut, Etiquette, came out in 1974. Strings, a collaboration with Otto Donner, was The Album of the Year 1976 chosen by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. A follower to that, Strings Revisited, was released in 2003 on TUM Records, the comparatively new leading Finnish jazz label. There’s also another TUM recording by him from year 2004, with Reggie..
the info
Part 1:- Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille and Juhani Aaltonen recorded live at St Peter's Church, New York, on 10th December 2006Setlist:
The Navigator (Cyrille)Variation of III (Workman)Hymn (Aaltonen)
Parts 2 and 3:- Trio 3 (Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille and Oliver Lake) recorded live at St Peter's Church, New York, on 10th December 2006Setlist:Shell (Cyrille)Willow Song (Workman)Lope (Lake)Aubade (Lake)Nov. 1 (Workman)What's Nine (Workman)
grab these great sets here...
Mp3 Ripped at 192 Kbps 66 mins of music
It was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on March 23rd..
the photo of workman was taken by davor hrvj
and is from barikada.com

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Wow, more great live material... That pic of Reggie is hilarious. Judging by the size of the scroll, his bass must be 20 feet tall. Trippy!