3 August 2022

CCMC "KÖLN, 1983"


This is especially for Nick.

Michael Snow, trumpet, piano
Nobuo Kubota, saxophone, percussion
Casey Sokol, keyboards, electronics
Peter Anson(?), guitar
Al Mattes, bass, bass-guitar, electronics
John Kamevaar, drums

1. No.1 (41:49)
2. No.2 (38:53)
3. No.3 (16:53)

Recorded on January 18, 1983 in Köln at the WDR Studio.


BT said...

Thank-you so much

correct silence said...

Totally amazing post. I discovered CCMC and the Artists jazz band thank to Nick's post and since that those two bands who share some musicians became some of my favorites. The way CCMC improvise is simply fantastic, a unique compromise between free jazz and improv. All their lp are recorded live but due to the limit of an lp, no doubt that the tracks are often edited.
So this recording is a real treasure and an opportunity to listen to the band in full action. The sound is also absolutely perfect.
Thank you Ernst for this great share.

correct silence said...

Talking about CCMC, the band is still active but the musicians have changed a bit. The actual band is
-Michael Snow: piano & synth
-Paul Dutton : voice, small instrument
-John Kanevaar: drums
-John Oswald: sax
One recent concert can be streamed here:

francisco santos said...


lburger69 said...

most of these musicians on your blog are new to me, but just as talented as anybody. love the improvic style writing, i just made that last part up, better stop, thanks, best blog i think.