8 August 2021

Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience - Negcaumongus

 Cadence Jazz  Record 1981

Beaver Harris (drums)
Don Pullen (piano)
Francis Haynes (steel drums)
Ken McIntyre (alto sax, oboe, flute)
Ricky Ford (tenor sax)
Hamiet Bluiett (baritone sax)
Cameron Brown (bass)

01 - Negcaumongus part 1
02 - Negcaumongus part 2. Well Kept Secret

Recorded Dec. 7, 1979
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
CJR 1003, vinyl


corvimax said...


Tim Niland said...

Thank you very much.

jazzfan1 said...

Thanks much -- have been looking for this for awhile!

Brush&Stick said...

Thank you!

Vincenc said...

Well kept secret Negcaumongus is revealed.

rev.b said...

Thanks corvimax!

Miles said...

A swell share! Thank you!

correct silence said...

Thank you Corvimax, i only knew that this album existed but have never heard it and it is my favorite of all the Beaver Harris 360° music experience. It really pay tribute to the spirit of this musician. For those who are interested I have perfectly sticked both sides of the lp to have the uninterrupted full performance, I can post it if sone want it.

abic said...

Thanks so much!

Alex said...

@ correct silence, I am interested to hear the uninterrupted full performance ! Thanks in advance !

nikos said...

Great share, thanks!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

correct silence - I have the LP but would appreciate your rip.

correct silence said...

From Corvimax's rip that is very good, I have just sticked both sides because each side share around one minute of music during the bass solo, so it is possible to do it after finding the best moment when it can't be audible to stick, here it is