13 August 2021



"EUGENE CHADBOURNE presents HEAD OF BOOKS, an ongoing, daily program of access to newly recorded guitar solos. No objects. No titles.  Free if you want, although donations of any size are happily accepted.  Write eugene@eugenechadbourne.com and provide an active email address. If you are donating, you can paypal whatever amount you would like to enter into the HEAD OF BOOKS to the same email address, eugene@eugenechadbourne.com.   If you do that, there will be a record of your email available from that transaction. Paid or free, you will begin receiving guitar solos in email and download files, sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes you will be the only person receiving the solo.  Please join in on my latest goal, to record a guitar solo every day from now until the beginning of 2025,  Write and/or donate eugene@eugenechadbourne.com  Mention HEAD OF BOOKS".

1 comment:

Nick said...

I signed up today and got two improvised guitar solos by WeTransfer. Hard to beat for service!