26 March 2021

The Reform Art Unit featuring Sunny Murray - Subway Performance

Granit Records, GR 93003
RAU 1021

1  - Inside Work. Seven Movements Dedicated To Sunny Murray     20:00

Paul Fields - violin, piano
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny - clarinet, soprano sax, flutes, small percussion
Mario Rechtern - alto, baritone and sopranino sax

Recorded live October 5, 1993 at Soundfield Studio, Lower Austria
Composed by Reform Art Unit

2 - The Subway Performance. Eleven Movements Dedicated To Adolf Frohner     45:00

Leena Conquest, Sainkho Namtchylak - vocals
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny, Georg Graf, Mario Rechtern - reeds
Paul Fields - violin
Karl Wilhelm Krbavac - Viola
Mia Zabelka - violin
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - bass
Sunny Murray - drums
Walter Schiefer - percussion
Stefan Bochdansky, Susanna Wilhelmina - voices
Dieter Haspel - director

Recorded live on September 2, 1993 at the Subway Station U3 Westbahnhof in Vienna
Composed by Reform Art Unit



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