25 May 2018


This post is comprised of two compositions by Luigi Nono culled from two LPs.
Never reissued on CD or as an official download.
Exemplary interpretations with Luigi Nono himself as (sound) director for both recordings.

Concerning the first composition it isn't really clear wether all the given names for 'voice' were actually participating...

1. A Floresta È Jovem E Cheja De Vida (1965-66)  34:07
(for soprano, voices, clarinet, copper plates and magnetic tape)
based on texts and sources compiled by Giovanni Pirelli

Liliana Poli, soprano
Kadigia Bove, voice
Elena Vicini, voice
Umberto Troni, voice
Enrica Minini, voice
Franca Piacentini, voice
The Living Theatre

William O. Smith, clarinet

copper plate players directed by pianist Bruno Canino

(rec. at the RAI Studio di Fonologia in Milan in 1977 – sound director: Luigi Nono / recording engineer: Marino Zuccheri)

From Deutsche Grammophone DG 2531 004

2. Y Entonces Comprendió (1969-70) 32:06
(for six female voices, choir and magnetic tape)

Mary Lindsay, soprano
Liliana Poli, soprano
Gabriella Ravazzi, soprano
Kadigia Bove, voice
Miriam Acevedo, voice
ELena Vicini, voice
Coro Da Camera Della RAI
Nino Antonellini, choir master

Tape and recordings effected at the Studio of Fonologia of RAI, Milan - Italy

Deutsche Grammophone DG 2530 436

Composed by Luigi Nono.

(vinyl rips)