14 May 2018

Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Live In Warsaw 1982

I have no particular details about this live show, exact date and exact location. Due to the fact that it lasts only 37 mn we can suppose that it is only a part of the concert but that’s all I own.
It is the regular crew: Roscoe, Joseph, Lester, Malachi, Famoudou.


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hi there,
i was at this concert in warsaw in late october 1982 in congress hall. the exact date was between october 28 & october 31. polish state television recorded full concert and then it was broadcast in two parts (each about 20-30 minutes long)few weeks later. i have the following programme of these two broadcasts together :
1/ a/ Ericka (J. Jarman) 10:44
b/ Theme for Sco (J.Jarman) 7:39
2/ Magg zelma (M.Favors) 21:28
3/ a/ Magg zelma (M.Favors) - continuation 9:57
b/ New York is full of lonely people (L.Bowie) 6:05
4/ a/ Odwala (R. Mitchell) 3:25
b/ beginning of Funky AECO (AEC)/
A Jackson in your house (R. Mitchell) 2:14

you can check what is recorded in your file. in my opinion it was the best jazz concert i attended to the end of 1982, before i was to attend concerts by cecil taylor orchestra, anthony braxton quartet and sun ra arkestra. best regards.

paul w.

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Exact date is October 31, 1982.

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much appreciated, thanks!

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Many thanks