25 February 2018


 Here's a new edition of R+UR
I would like to point the headlights on two new LPs which were released these days.
The first is a reissue from David Toop's Quartz Publications. Originally issued in 1980 and brought back by the Australian label Black Truffle. http://www.blacktrufflerecords.com/
(We've posted it here some time ago but I've deleted the links some month ago when I got news about this welcome re-edition)

 The second LP contains previously unreleased music from Toop and his long-time partner Paul Burwell. Here the Belgian label Sub Rosa along with Logos Foundation is in charge.
Take a look > Sub Rosa

The third release I would like to alert you is due in March on Dave Holland's label Dare2 Records.

It will be a CD with Holland himself along Evan Parker, Craig Taborn and Ches Smith.
Exciting news for me.
Got the info from here.

And last but not least there's a scheduled CD on Relative Pitch Records.
No definite date yet but I'm looking forward to this recording especially for it includes one of my favourite drummer/musician: Tony Oxley. IMO he's certainly underrepresented on LP/CD/MC.

Arthur Jarvinen – glockenspiel, chromatic harmonica, analogue electronics
Sylvie Courvoisier – piano, prepared piano
Tony Oxley – percussion
Pat Thomas – cassette player, electronics, electric keyboard
Miroslav Tadic´ – guitars
Walter Quintus – real time processing, conducting
Bill Laswell – bass, field recordings, electronics
Mark Nauseef – percussion, electronics

To add to Ernst's post - there are two Sabu Toyozumi CD releases

Mui Shizen, recordings from John's 2013 Japan tour with Sabu, on Vivid Sound Corporation.


As If Once More, recorded live with Claudia Cervenca at Schnittpunkte der Musik - Limmitationes Festival, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal, Austria, in 2015, available direct from Klopotec


Nick s said...

That Relative Pitch release certainly has an interesting line-up. Thanks for posting these new release notes.

correct silence said...

To add more informations on the subject of future releases, the label Gad from Poland will reissue very soon one superbe album by Jiri Stivin

with bonus material.

Also on the way is obviously the reissue on lp and cd of "God is more than love can ever be" by Sun Ra, an album recorded and published in 1979 on saturne, as far as I know, the only album of Sun Ra in trio.