23 February 2018

Alexander von Schlippenbach Quartet :: High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA July 16, 1998

Published 7. 8. 2014

Alexander von Schlippenbach Quartet (Alex von Schlippenbach: piano, Evan Parker: saxophones, Reggie Workman: bass, Paul Lytton: drums) Recorded live at the Hill Auditorium at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA July 16, 1998. This concert was presented by The National Black Arts Festival as part of the (Re)soundings series, and was curated by Dwight Andrews and Brad Kendrick. Quite sure there were others involved at a high level, but it's been too long for me to remember.

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Palimpsestuous said...

I remember this performance well! I drove all the way from Kansas City for the 3 day festival. Mr. Workman's focus and intensity were awesome, in the true sense of the word. He was also there to perform at Emory University with Trio 3 and, although he was not part of the panel, contributed to a round table discussion that included among its participants, Wadada Leo Smith, Amiri Baraka, George Lewis, Peter Brotzmann and Evan Parker by speaking to the influence of Sun Ra on his vocation as a Scientist of Sound. He insisted he didn't "play" music as he was dead serious- and that was certainly the tale his eyes told as he performed!
I was very pleased to happen upon this document sometime ago. There are, or were, several others from the same source including performances by the Kowald-Bauer-Sommer trio, Roscoe Mitchell's L-R-G by the original musicians, a Brotzmann/Cyrile duo. The festival also featured a performance by a Brotzmann-Hopkins-Drake trio that was later issued on vinyl by OkkaDisk as The Atlanta Concert; it brought my partner to literal tears.