8 February 2018


Johnny Dyani, bass, stones
Frode Gjerstad, tenor saxophone
John Stevens, drums

On side C + D only:
Bobby Bradford, cornet
Harry Beckett, trumpet (Tracks 1 + 4)
Courtney Pine, tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet (Tracks 1 + 4)

Sides 1/2
1. Ness - part one 27:33
2. Ness - part two 24:21

Sides 3/4
1. ED 15:39
2. Post Rambling 08:59
3. Preambling 06:06
4. Harmo'nica 15:20

LP 1:
Recorded at the Hennie-Onstad Art Centre, Oslo on 2 March 1986.
LP 2:
Recorded at the Mannod Studio/Community Music, London on 1 July 1986.

IMPETUS IMP 28509  (vinyl rip)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


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roberto t. said...

How beautiful, thank you!

L'Idiot said...

Merci pour ce très bel enregistrement!
Thank very much for this beautiful recording!

Pere said...

much appreciated Ernst

armando said...

Wonderful. Thanks!

BT said...

thank-you so much

nikos said...

Many thanks, looks very interesting!

Miloš Latislav said...

Wonderful, Ernst. Do you think Impetus is completely out of work? I got wonderful BARDO STATE ORCHESTRA CD!

Miloš Latislav said...

And sorry for no answer to yr e-mail regarding Dreamtime. Hectic stressy times!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

No problem Milo.
Me too not always answereing mails in short time.

Concerning Impetus - it seems they've stopped business.
But I do not know for sure.
The last new releases they offered are from about 2003.
(f.e. PETER BRÖTZMANN: The Inexplicable Flyswatter)

Bhowani said...

Thanks a lot, Ernst !

Luc Mosley said...

Many thanks!

Thole said...

HEY, any chance of a re-upload please guys

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

A re-upload isn't necessary 'cause the link works very well.