24 September 2017


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A3. 3

B1. 4
B2. 5
B3. 6

Yves Bouliane, bass
John Heward, drums
Robert Lepage, clarinet (B3)

Recorded at Le Studio Utopic, Montréal, on 31 March and 5 April 1985

Centre International d'Art Contemporain de Montréal ‎– no ciac-3301

LP Rip


Nick said...


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correct silence said...

Haven't yet listened to the lp and will only do in several days but your post Nick inspired me a reflexion about the fact that bass and drums duets are not so popular in the field of jazz and avant garde, so if some are interested let's try to make a list of that sort of duets. I start with:
-Leon Francioli & Pierre Fave "Le bruit court"
-Jean François Jenny Clark & Aldo Romano "Divieto Di Santificazione"
-William Parker & Hamid Drake "First Communion + Piercing the Veil"
even if this last one is not only a bass/drums duo due to the fact that each play various instruments.
Do some followers have others ideas?

Nick said...

Peter Kowald - Duos: Europe, America, Japan
Motoharu Yoshizawa and Kim Dae Hwan - Live "Okidoki" track 2, track 1 is a bass duo with Barre Phillips
Motoharu Yoshizawa and Nonaka "Goku" Mitsumasa - 1983.3 グッドマン
Masahiko Togashi, Isao Suzuki ‎– A Day Of The Sun

correct silence said...

Oh my god I'm totally stupid to have forgotten Togashi/Suzuki, as a big fan of Togashi I shouldn't have missed this one. I feel guilty and will listen non stop to Togashi for a while to present my apologies.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Nick.

Here are a few more bass 'n drums duets.

John Edwards & Mark Sanders ‎– Nisus Duets
John Edwards / Chris Corsano ‎– Tsktsking
John Edwards / Mark Sanders ‎– JEMS
Henry Grimes / Rashied Ali ‎– Going To The Ritual (with added violin + voice for good measure)
Marcin Oleś, Bart Oleś ‎– Oleś Duo

Also: http://www.freejazzblog.org/2015/06/drum-n-bass-update.html

kinabalu said...

One drum & bass outfit that sticks in my mind is the excellent Japanese duo The Ruins. The mainstay is drummer Tatsuya Yoshida but the basssists have changed over the years. Not jazz per se, more like prog/punk/noise/fusion sort of thing, they have done a number of records on the Tzadik label and also did two cds with a certain English guitarist going under the moniker of Derek and the Ruins. I saw them once in town and had a chat afterwards. Nice fellows. I bought a compilation of Japanese drum & bass groups which I could post here (if I can find it).

And then there's the whole drum & bass genre which evolved out of jungle and into dubstep. But that's another story.

Nick said...

Most people don't even notice free jazz, never mind forget it, so I am not sure apologies are needed CS!

Tantris said...

Hmm, I wonder if Peter Warren's Bass Is would count?

correct silence said...

Oh yes Tantris, for the track "Subra Har" where Stu Martin (I suppose) is joining the bass quartet. The problem is that now you have brought the conversation in a higher level: finding some bass quartet with a drummer!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

How about Barre Phillips ‎– For All It Is

Solomon said...

Thank you!